Broken Engleash


Have you ever not wanted to do something? Have you ever not wanted to do something so bad that just the thought of someone asking you to do it ruined your mood the whole day?

Well, I don’t like wanting to avoid doing something so bad that it affects me. Very few people may know this, but when I feel something it affects me wholly. Compartmentalization has never been a strong suit, well until recently. I used to get really

envious of men: how they could have one area of their lives in absolute tatters and still carry on with other areas of their lives like the first was in a perfect state. Now I kind of feel conflicted about whether to feel envious or sorry for them. Until you have reached a point where you are so numb to something that the numbness translates into other areas of your life; worst of all, into your spiritual life, you do not know just how dangerous compartmentalization could get.

This rambling is because I did not want to write this post. Why? Because I am in a position where I am needed to do something and I am fighting it. A feeling that felt all too familiar because it is what led to the birth of the name of this blog. Anyway, I digress.

Broken eng-leash…….. Broken English. Moses, Jeremiah: they all had reasons why God could not or should not have chosen or used them. Jeremiah was young. Moses was a stammerer; he had broken English, as one of my favorite artistes – Pompi, would say. He had an inhibition that could act as a hindrance to the people’s faith in what God was speaking over them. His broken English was his leash. But God used him in spite of that. In fact, when He called him, He knew that Moses was not fluent in speech. God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

You are Moses. I am Moses.

What are the things that we have allowed to act as limitations in service? Service does not have to be on pulpits. It can be in the quiet corner of your office cubicle.

What are the things that have acted as leashes to you reaching your full potential in living for Christ?

What has placed a ceiling, a covering on your ability to see that you can do what God is asking you to do?

Is it fear? Is it feelings? Is it indwelling sin? Is it the inability to confront yourself? Is it a feeling of inadequacy? Is it a view of yourself as mediocre?

What is it?

Christ gave the great commission to his disciples. We are his disciples. I believe that we all have something to say, something to do, something to show the world that Christ lives and He has a heart for them. So like Moses, what’s in your hand? What is this that you need to use for God’s glory?

Put away the leash and step into the unseen.

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