What do you see?

“Would it not have been better if we were blind, that we would believe the promises of God without fail?” Anonymous

Seeing is believing. One of the greatest pitfalls to faith is our sight; a sight that is not only characterized by the eyes but also by what our mind sees, reasons and concludes to be realistic perception. It is easier to believe what we can see than what we do not. It is even more unlikely that we would believe what we do not see when what we clearly see is contrary to what we are expected to believe.

The thing about believing what we see is that it places a cap over faith and possibilities. A battle that has already been won is lost in the mind and in our eyes even before it begins: A logical yet sad reality. Is it a wonder then that we have the Spirit but cannot manifest the power that we have been freely given? Oh that we would be a people that dare to perceive beyond the current reality. Oh that we would see beyond what our physical eyes allow us to see and delve deeper into the truth of all the possibilities that God has for us; into the victories that have already been handed to us. Oh that we would set aside our situations and look to what God says in His Word: What He has done and Who we are.

I have been stumbling across some gems in my archives. The absolutely amazing part is that each gem resurfaces at an appointed time: a time when The Holy Spirit brings to remembrance truths that are integral to the season. So I thought I would share this piece with you. The style may be a bit unorthodox (or maybe it is just different from what I am used to) but I hope that it will bless you and more that it will help to ignite the desire to put off the ‘normal’ and take up God’s (whatever it is).

2nd Kings 6:17

And Elisha prayed, and said, LORD, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

What do you see?


Giant and mighty human armies/

Giants with might and human guns with-/

Bows and fiery arrows, cannons and fighting barrels/

Seek shelter, shields, a force field? / Retreat, yield, concede defeat? /

What do you see?? /

Hilltops, peaks and tors/

With chariots of fire ready for war/

For their defiance God’s wrath they will face/

For you, victory is just a word away/

What do you see?? //

A Philistine/

Over nine feet tall, towering/

Bronze helmet and covered with-/

A coat of scale armor/

What do you see?? /

A target too big to miss/

A forehead so easy to hit/

Victory is just a sling away/

What do you see?? //

In Babylon/

A statue of gold, a decree by the king/

To bow to no other god but this/

A burning furnace/

Death staring you in the face/

What do you see?? /

An angel in your midst, fireproof defence/

The saving hand of God in place/

What do you see?? //

How do we see?? /

See what is not like it already is/

Close our physical eyes and see things/

As God sees them through faith – this/

Mustard seed sees/

What will you see?? //

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