Genesis 12:1

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I WILL shew thee:

Change in one area often comes as a breath of fresh air. Even when the change is uncomfortable, then it is more bearable because the consistency of the other areas balances out the change. A wave of change on the other hand, sweeps everything in its path. It leaves most stones turned so that those unturned stick out like sore thumbs. Sometimes, that is the face that radical takes on. Sometimes, that is what it means to trust and obey even though it scarcely makes sense.

A wave of change has ensued so I am packing my bags and hoping that I get to say life-changing hello’s that far outweigh these heavy goodbyes. But before I get sentimental, He is The Lord of my heart and my portion forever. So if I have Him, whether or not there will be new ‘hellos’ or retracted ‘goodbyes’, then I have everything I need.

I will not ask you to leave with me. This is a journey best traveled with Him alone. But when He calls you to leave, I hope you will remember that He will not take you where He cannot sustain you; He will not take you apart from His good and perfect plan for your life.

I am leaving……and I am going back to the well.

Back to the well

I am going back to the well/

Back to the place where my soul gets drenched/

Where my thirst gets quenched/

Back to the well/

Where my garments are cleansed of the stench/

Back to the fountain where mountains are moved/

Back to the gushing/ the splashing and spatter/

Back to the well/

Where my thoughts are washed by the water/

Hung, crucified on the cross/

Dried, consumed, eliminating the dross/ Purified, so all that’s left is gained even after the loss./

I am going back/

Turning my back on what I have known/

Trusting Him who in me much He has sown/

Walking on that path He has shown/

Because I know none of me I own./

I am panting for filling so I am parting/

From feelings of unbelief/

I am leaving so I can live/

I am going back to the well to be made well/

Whole, complete, a sacrifice, scented aroma – sweet smell.//

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