Father’s child

I am my Father’s child/

Whether I am tame or wild/

Whether I am strong or mild/

I am my Father’s child and He goes the extra mile//

He picked me from the sea of billions of faces and said “you”/

No matter how fast or slow your pace is- “you”/

No matter the back and forth, your pacing-“you”/

Regardless of your status, your payslip-“you”/

I choose you for salvation/

Between you and sin, a demarcation/

You are mine, my love, my dime/

Walk in, come and let us dine/

Because I choose you, for you I died//

So surrender/

Untether your ties from lies that bind/

And weather/

The storms of life beneath My wings, My feathers/

Together /

With Me soar high to heights unfettered/


I chose you for freedom give up your benders/


I am close, make Me your shelter/

Your dwelling place, your delta/

Your constant change, I bought you for more than chum change/

For whether/

You stumble or stand, I chose you/

Always My child, I bore you/

By a crimson tag/

Because from the day I breathed into your nostrils on my heart you tug/

So tag Me in/

Let me win for you/

Let me into you/

Unclench your fists /

Lay your heart at my


Knowing that in me there is no defeat//

I chose you/

Allow Me to use you/

And though I may sometimes bruise you/

The necessity reiterates that I choose you/

I choose you to display my glory.//

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