He who begun this good work….

It’s been a pretty long minute….. so long that it has been two months. *shrieks* But we are back and hopefully more consistent with posting……

Have you ever been at that point where you know what God says in His Word but you forget that it applies to you because you are not feeling it? I want to go about describing just how easy it is to forget and fall into the mundane of life with no expectations, no grand dreams and just the desire to get to the end of the day; everyday. Instead, I feel a nudge, despite my desire to paint a vivid picture, that the bible says the just shall live by faith, not feelings. But I immediately want to ask how I can believe when I desire to but can’t get my mind around to conceiving the idea or my heart to flex the hope muscles; when I can’t get my spirit to resuscitate my soul from what feels like a severe form of apathy that refuses to recognize its existence. Still I feel a nudge, despite my question, that the just shall live by faith, not feelings, or lack thereof. Although feeling is an aspect of faith, for how can I hope unless I can perceive it with my heart, it is not the basis of it. Faith is trusting in the character of God. Selah. Faith is not just believing that The Lord will do something, it is knowing that He will, not because it’s what I am hoping for, but because He said He would and He is not a man that He should lie, therefore He will. It is trusting and knowing that God will do what is best, even if it is not what is best in my eyes, because He says He has good plans for me: to prosper and not to fail, to give me a future and a hope. It is trusting that He will not give me stones when I ask for bread or a snake when I desire a fish because He is eons and light years (to the power of infinity) better than earthly fathers who also do not do that to their children. Faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, is trusting in the character of God. Selah.

So I sort of had a runaway text up there since I ended up writing something that I had not planned out. But are those not the best moments? When you think you know what is about to happen and realize later that there was a better way for things to turn out? Anyway……. I was reading through Philippians today and came across a number of gems, one of the more popular ones being:

Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

Paul, writing to the saints at Philippi, tells them how he thanks God for them and how he prays for them as well. Being away from them, he is confident that God who begun the good work of salvation and fellowship in the gospel will fulfill it until the day of Christ and His return.

There was a time when I would read that verse and feel my heart almost jump of my chest in celebration of the faithfulness of God in everything. My arteries and veins would want to pop out and form a stringed instrument to sing of His faithfulness from rooftops. I knew that God has had me from the beginning, had me in the moment and He still would have me in times to come. I knew that I need not fear because He who holds the world holds me too and His arms are strong and mighty; He would never drop me. (No, that is not the direct translation for ‘Hataniangusha’. Just a happy coincidence J) I knew that my God was my Father and my Friend, that He wasn’t anything less than perfection so He could never fail in any way. Today I read the same scripture and I had to pause, to meditate on those words until they echoed deep in the innermost part of my being. Life, change, transition has abounded for a while now and in the midst of it all, I feel like my shout of praise has been dimmed into a whisper, barely audible. It’s like it has culminated into a dim candle whose flame is helplessly swaying in the wind, hoping against all hope that it is not snuffed out. And without praise and worship, then who am I? I know what His Word says but it’s like I can’t feel that jumpstart-kind-of-power that surges through the spirit and through my bones. I read that verse and heard a small voice, “Do you believe that He who started this good work in you is faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ or do you suppose that his grace, this power, this mercy and faithfulness is only for the ‘elite’ in the kingdom, the chosen few? Or even the chosen many who you are not among?” So I paused and admitted that, though I may not presently feel it, I believe it because this gift of faith I have is not contingent on feelings, it is anchored in the character of God and not my emotions, or lack thereof.

So, here I am to remind you of a fact I have been reminded about today: God is God, God is good, and God is faithful. He will not leave or forsake you, whether or not you are feeling strong and macho or weak and flailing. In fact, in our weakness His grace abounds; in our lack His provision abounds; in our confusion His clarity seeks to come forth as the light chases away the darkness. But one thing we need to do: believe and hold onto His Word. The fact remains that He is always holding onto us.

Beneath the whisper of praise/

Lies roars of questions untamed/

Beside the rivers of grace/

Run inlets from reality unfazed/

By The Truth of His Word because my gaze/

Is fixed on these matches ablaze/

With change and uncertainty that’s made/

Me shift focus from the Author and Perfector of my faith again. /

But though my eyes tend to wander I gather/

That through Your Spirit You do more than tinker and tamper/

You shatter the shutters that blind and clutter-/

My view of You. /

So re-calibrate this gauge/

Let my faith be in sync with Your traits at every stage/

Trust in every facet of Your character unchanged/

Through every faucet You allow to gush I’ll bathe/

And find my voice through every storm and praise. /

And although I may not come out unscathed/

I know that I will be edified, refined/

Finer than gold and marked with Your seal/

When it’s a done deal and the matter is sealed/

On the other side, I shall appear:

Victorious, whole, bound and healed. /

So I yield/

Albeit a bit lacking in zeal, I submit my will/

The good work that you started, complete it, reveal/

You perfect plan and purpose beyond my comprehension unfold.//

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