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I have to admit it………..

When I added this new segment to the blog, I did not think much about it. In fact, I added ‘Travel Diaries’ as a step of faith. I love traveling and seeing the world and for a long time now it has seemed very farfetched. Let’s just say resources and I have been playing hide and seek and I’ve been on the seeking and not finding end. Hehehe…. I snigger because I know that it is but for a season. Season end now please?

Anyway, so I started praying that somehow God would grant me the opportunities to travel. Honestly, it felt selfish. I wondered why God would be invested in me traveling and experiencing new cultures, food and scenery. I kept wondering why God would care that I desire to experience His creation and His people in a new light. And then I said, skeptically (I admit), amen. And after the amen, came a phone call with an opportunity to go on a fully-paid, catered-for-to-the-tee week-long safari to The Mara *inner screams and happy dances*. Through a friend, I learned that truly, God cares even for that stuff that looks ridiculous to bring to Him in prayer. He hears us and answers us even when we really do not expect Him to. I am thankful beyond words and truly humbled that I am loved beyond words as well. I can only hope that, this is the beginning of greater journeys and further travels. And to that I say a big AMEN!


You would think that, because you have lived in a country, you would know a lot, if not, almost everything. But there is always something to learn. We could see and hear so much more if only we opened our minds to all the things we overlook as we rush through life.

The Mara made me stop and smell the roses in a vast expanse shrouded by drought.


The Mara reminded me that sunsets happen beyond skyscrapers and sunrises in spite of traffic.

The Mara taught me what it’s like to pick up pebbles and throw them back into the river; watch them hop and bounce through to the other bank.


The Mara confirmed that resources lie beyond money and material possessions.

The Mara proved that beauty can be found anywhere; we only need to stop and look.

And in all her beauty, The Mara inspired poetry:


Creation boasts of His majesty/

His handiwork, intricate tapestry/

Our tapes can’t tape the fullness of this perfect streak/

Photos can capture the peaks/

Steep terrain and plains that aren’t plain fields/

But only He could capture the form of these beautiful beasts/

Wild and free, Like birds that glide and trees/

That sway in the wind, like an island breeze/

That waves the tropical heat away till the air is crisp-y/

Clean so our lungs can ketchup with every inhale, exhale/

Of the different gaseous forms that form this formula for every breath we intake.//

Creation boasts of His splendor/

He gave it to us for free, no cost, He’s not a vendor/

It speaks of His intention/

Of beauty unchained, a glorious perception/

The inception of all things wonderful that was tainted by deception/

A lie that we could be like Him that caused death’s conception/

How Creator created creation but the latter decided to worship itself/

A blindness caused by the perpetual need to self-help/

A thirst for dominion we already had/

A craving to be the master of every herd/

We lost it when that one fruit was had/

But thank God that Christ our shepherd had/

A heart for stubborn flock, now sheep we are/

Dominion restored, the scar of sin submerged/

In His blood that flows freely like rivers bursting banks/

So now we cry Abba, sonship bestowed, He is our Father.//

Creation groans/

Cries in agony as each day grows/

Weary of the next in anticipation for emancipation/

When we shall be taken up into the skies like drones, a flying nation/

Drowning in light bursting forth from the sky in tones/

And hues that before human eyes shall unfold/

The firmament as the pearly gates unlock to worlds beyond and streets of gold/

Creation groans/

As she waits for us to be finally clothed and robed/

In incorruptible form, perfection that can’t be robbed/

Adorned in crowns worth more than silver or gold/

A treasure for fleeting pleasure once sold/

Redeemed through priceless sacrifice so we could forget that which was of old/

Creation groans/

As she awaits for the sons to be called home/

Mother nature calls for the prodigal to pick up,/

Accept the call of The Father so freedom can reign.//

Psalms 24:1

The earth is The Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.


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