Unruly Ends and New Beginnings: 2018 Hair Resolutions

Hello lovelies!

The thing about procrastination is that it fools you into thinking you always have time. That’s part of the reason why I never make resolutions. Truth be told, I will probably procrastinate and waste precious journal pages in the process. This could not be truer when it comes to hair. People, natural gurus have hair goals. Like serious goals that they work towards. Meanwhile, a certain Nairobi naturalista *ahem, cough, cough* just wings it. As long as there is hair on my head and it is not frail or heat-damaged, I’m content. Lakini 2018 is going to be different for Bella (my hair) and me. We are going to have goals, a beautiful friendship and grow closer.

Speaking of heat damage and confessions, I had my hair slightly straightened last week. NOT in a posh salon that knows how to deal with natural hair, by the way. If you live in Kenya you probably know that you can count the number of such salons on one palm. In fact, I only know of two in Nairobi. Plus, can I just say that they are EXPENSIVE!!!!!! Since when do I pay 2k ($20 for summer bunnies……it’s too hot, shade is necessary. Hehehe) for a simple straightening and a trim? Yaani, I wash my hair at home, treat and condition, board a jav to town, pay fare, board another jav to the salon, pay more fare then pay you 2k for a straightening and trim?????!!!!!!


Amadioha forbid oh! These guys made me want to start a salon and charge half of what they do. Ama maybe I’m just cheap? Honestly, the most I have ever spent at a salon all my life was 1k and that was because my hair was being braided. So when that guy quoted the price, I did a cost-benefit analysis. I had a concert and a wedding the next day plus a thing the day after. The verdict: value for money. Plus, it’s only once a year so, live vicariously, right? Wrong. The salon was booked for days. So I gave up on the ‘right’ salon and on straightening. Then a few days later, I decided to literally wash and go. The only problem, which I realized after, was that I was washing and going to a formal meeting with a client. So I decided that it wasn’t the day for bravery and walked into a mtaa salon. For those who do not know, that is the type of salon in the hood where you are probably in a mabati-like shack with black and white photos of braiding hairstyles on the walls and hair braid labels as wallpaper.

Reke gwere! (That is Chinese for ‘let me tell you’) I gave that salonist a ‘real talk’ for like ten minutes before I let her come anywhere near my hair.

“Use low heat. Straighten in sections. Do not burn my hair. If you burn my hair I will come for you. Be gentle. Take your time. Do not make me regret my life choices. Can you hear everything I am saying? Do you understand EVERYTHING I am saying?”

I think she thought I was just a diva. I finally let her do her thing and had to hold myself back from micromanaging her. At one point, I thought of asking her to allow me to sort myself but I would still pay her. Then I thought, let me get my 100 bob’s worth of service. So I started interceding on behalf of my strands, follicles, edges and roots. Thirty-ish minutes later…….let’s just say I felt like I was in a real life advert: hair flying in the wind……into my mouth, my eyes, into my neighbor’s face every time they opened that 14-seater Nissan door. Basically, it was glorious!!! Hehehehe.

Anyhow, I needed a back-story for my first hair goal for 2018: no heat damage. Yaani, when I finally drench my hair in water after I have had it semi-straight, I want my curls back. I guess that is not really up to me but to the hair gods. In line with this, I would like to have a length-check in December. That will mean using heat (blowdrier and a flat iron) so I need to prepare for that all year round. For this, I plan to deep condition like my life depends on it, do protein treatments regularly (which I slacked off on this year) and have a generally healthy hair life.

In the spirit of consistency, my second and last of the 2018 hair resolutions is to have a regimen. I have sung this song so many times but never actually do it. I plan to have a periodic regimen that works for Bella. Hopefully the regimen will be up by end of January. That means same wash day routine, same cycle alternating protein and henna treatments, same products (store-bought and DIY). Hopefully the regimen will also involve more protective hairstyles. In 2017 I was into low puffs, flat twist-outs and generally having my hair ‘open’ for various reasons. That encouraged unruly ends so it’s time I put an end to it, pun int-end-ed. silly grin 

I’m hoping more stretching and protective styling will be the death of single strand knots and mathogothanio ends.

Finally, hair color ideas 2018 are on my radar. I am a color-junkie so I never have fully black hair at any point in time. I’m considering my next color but I am also thinking of growing out the color I have right now. I guess time and my propensity towards exciting changes will tell.

Also, I promise to post regularly. I’m too old to be procrastinating anyway…..

Kwa hayo machache, (that’s Japanese for ‘in those few words’) feel free to share what your 2018 hair resolutions or goals are in the comments section. Hopefully we can keep each other on track through the year, yes?

Happy, procrastination-free, regimen-following New Year! 

happy new year

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