Product Haul: 5 Natural Hair Products

Hello lovelies!

January is finally over and I’m sure a number of people are dancing all the way to the bank thanking the heavens that the paycheck finally came through. For some, this is a license to get something nice for your hair. Even the Bellas of this world need to know when njaanworry is over, ama? So perhaps today’s post can steer you to the right conditioners and styling products for your hair.

We looked at cleansers and oils over the past two weeks. Our wash day product haul series ends with a list of conditioners, a protein treatment and styling products that have not disappointed so far:

  1. Pantene Pro-V (For Colored Hair)

I discovered this conditioner the first time I dyed my hair using Clairol Textures and Tones. There was a Pantene sachet in the pack and Bella was singing with the angels after using it. I had never used such a moisturizing conditioner before. Considering that natural hair tends to get dry and wiry after dyeing it, I was happy to have a conditioner that negated that effect. It costs about KShs. 800 – 900 and lasts about one and a half months. Unfortunately, I used to get it at Nakumatt but…..yeah…the empty shelves happened. I haven’t found it in any other supermarket, not even Chandarana. Anyone who has an idea of where I can find it locally, kindly let me know in the comments section.

Pantene Conditioner
  1. Profectiv Mega Thick Growth Deep Conditioner

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the brand launched in Kenya last year. I have been using this deep conditioner since 2016 when I went on the hunt for a relatively affordable deep conditioner. This one costs around KShs. 600 in those two legit Dubois shops at Perida Center that I keep talking about. If you have medium to long hair that isn’t extremely thick, the product lasts about a month and a half.

Profectiv Deep Conditioner
  1. ORS Hair Mayonnaise Protein Treatment

Whenever I need that extra boost and strength for my hair, I always turn to this protein treatment. I started using it back when I was still blowdrying my hair often. This protein treatment really adds a pep in Bella’s step. It leaves my hair feeling strong, soft and surprisingly moisturized. I also like it’s affordability as it retails for about KShs. 650 and lasts a couple of months since I don’t use it often (perhaps only once a month).

ORS Hair Mayo Protein Treatment
  1. Marini Curling Butter

The day Bella stopped responding to Marini’s curling butter was one of the saddest days of my life. This butter is life! It smells like yoghurt, has a nice and rich creamy consistency, locks in moisture impressively and has great hold for your curls. I think it stopped working for my hair because of a change in porosity. That’s just my theory though. The product is available at Supercosmetics and costs KShs. 950 (last I checked). They are improving their formulation so I still hold on to the hope that *fingers crossed*….one day… will work for my hair again.

Marini Curling Butter
  1. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

I absolutely love this curling cream. I bought it a few months ago just to try it out. It smells heavenly, is moisturizing and has great hold. Unlike other butters I have come across in the past, this cream is less viscous and very light so it doesn’t weigh the hair down. it costs about KShs. 700 and so far I’ve had it for three months (I don’t use it every week).

Cantu Curling Butter

You may wonder how these products make it into my stash. Before buying any product, I:

  1. Read through reviews to get a feel of what to expect. This way, I can learn from other people’s mistakes instead of wasting money if the product isn’t worth it.
  2. Do a scent-check. This isn’t necessary but I prefer to add all the sunshine I can to wash-day. Anything sweet, fruity or flowery is my go-to as long as the scent isn’t overpowering

I’m hoping to try out more conditioners in the near future. I’ve found that some brands disappear from the Kenyan market and then I’m left stranded before I can find an alternative. Having a few options should help deal with the problem. On that note, I’m taking suggestions for affordable conditioners that I can add to my list. Let me know what works for you.

A couple of you also reach out with questions on a range of hair topics and I appreciate that. Feel free to leave these questions and suggestions on what you would like to me to cover in subsequent posts. Kwa hayo machache, have a lovely week and let’s interact more on social. 🙂

Here’s a bonus photo of Bella chilling with some lions and a camera….. just because 😉

Bella and some lions.jpg


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