Mikalla Hair Event Review

Hello lovelies!

Seeing how we have been on some ‘more serious’ stuff over the past few weeks, today we can do something fun. Donge?

I’ve been meaning to plug into the natural hair community more this year, especially through hair events near me. So when my friend, Maureen, invited me for the Mikalla hair event at Mama Rocks Kilimani, I knew I had to go. In the spirit of getting Bella playmates, I tagged my twin sister Deedee along.

So, there we were on 10th Feb at Mama Rocks Kilimani wondering why the place wasn’t packed to the brim. It was already 1330 hrs and the event should have started at 1200 hrs. We sat down and after floating our theories, we asked one of the servers about the event and she looked clueless. We panicked a little and after she had informed us that there was no event, I checked my phone again only to realize the event was the next Saturday. Two dressed up girls who had cleared their afternoons all week to come to the event….. hahaha! We decided that I’m a fake person so we went and had lunch in Hurlingham. The amazing bit is that Deedee forgave me (ama she was faking this smile afterwards?)


Fandastic 😀

Fast forward to 17th Feb and we were back at it. This is how you know people are dedicated.  Thankfully, the event was actually taking place. Kokie Rono welcomed us at the door, letting us know that we could enjoy the cocktail station, get some advice from the consultants and ask questions that the panel would answer later. We grabbed our cocktails and made our way to a table that had some pretty cool people, excited about how the afternoon would turn out. So how did it turn out?

The Food (because food is bae)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m in love with Mama Rocks. Their burgers are just amazing. In fact, I don’t think a story about burgers comes up without me gushing about the joint. You can imagine how excited I was about the event because of the food. I had a chance to finally try the sweet potato fries and any adjective I use at this point will be a disservice. They’re that good!

The cocktails were also pretty nice. I figured I’d leave the place an angel but the Red Bull didn’t actually give me wings. But oh well.

The Panel

One thing I liked about the event was inclusion. What I mean is that it wasn’t all hair.  I’d say it was divided into three sections: hair, makeup and fashion/ personal styling. The panel comprised of Chiki Kuruka, the Mikalla brand ambassador, for hair; Nallah Sangare, an international makeup artist and trainer and Lady Mandy, a fashion stylist. They satisfactorily answered questions that people had submitted. The one thing that stood out for me was Nallah’s advice that makeup shouldn’t be used to hide but to accentuate. I honestly think more of us need to hear that.

In everything there is always something that can be improved, right? In the case of this event, I think having intersections between hair, makeup and styling would have been golden. For example, Bella loves coconut oil but my skin doesn’t. That means that I have to forfeit using coconut oil on my hair because my face and neck break out. This is the case with other ingredients in hair products. Is there any other option I would have? Another example would be the kind of hair styling that would look best for an interview. How far have Kenyan corporate come in terms of embracing natural hair styling. So if I’m wearing a suit to an interview, how can I wear my hair if it is in its natural state? Etcetera etcetera. This might definitely not come from questions attendees ask but I believe they can find a way into the conversation. Ama?

The People

The people were great. I don’t know if I mentioned but our table had some pretty cool people. I met one Sydney who has absolutely lovely eyes! I met a married mother of one who could pass off for someone who’s in campus and eating life with a big spoon (which is impressive). I met Wanza who has a YouTube channel. It’s interesting meeting people you’ve seen online. It was like a nice, chill hangout. For a melancholic who periodically masquerades as a choleric, it was perfect!

The Products

Mikalla had their products at 20% off. Considering how affordable they already are in retail stores, they were even more affordable at the event. They had everything from shampoo to conditioner, hair food and styling gel. I wanted to get conditioner but in the craze of taking photos, I remembered after I was back home. *facepalm* I did, however, get hair food but that’s a story for the prizes section.

The Prizes

Everyone knows that the promise of freebies is one of the reasons people go to product-sponsored events. Mikalla, over and above the free cocktails, provided prizes. If you bought products or burgers and found a sticker, you won something from their goody bag. If you were recognized for great dressing, hair or makeup, you also got something from the goody bag. If you were the life of the party, you got something from the goody bag.

So, there I was, having won nothing (HAHAHAHAHA, lawd!) and this sweet person decides to gift me the hair food she had bought so I could have ‘something.’ Hehehe. She was the real MVP. I want to be that kind to strangers wherever I go.

So, to wrap it up, my first of hair events 2018 was great. It made me want to attend more and connect with more naturals. All of us may not be hair gurus but sometimes seeing the ‘normal’ reminds you the beauty in simplicity. *happy sigh*

Aaaand noooowwww……for the not-so-many pictures of the day courtesy of Deedee. Speaking of, check out her blog and YouTube channel.

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