Protective Styles – Conrows & Braids

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a great week and that your manes are flourishing.

My good friends know that the last thing I think about is going to a salon. In fact, the last time I went to a salon for braiding was in the beginning of 2015.  There are a couple of reasons for this. Top of the list is that I will save every shilling I can. Second on that list is how fast my hair gets untidy. After a week it looks like I have had braids in for a month!! So I prefer to braid Bella myself so I can undo my hair whenever I want to (read one or two weeks). Last week, however, I decided to pay my old hairdresser a visit. I’m trying to give Bella a much needed break from excessive manipulation this year so that automatically translates into frequent protective styling. I chose my hairstyle, bought my five packs of Abuja braids and proceeded to sit in the same spot for a couple of hours before I could claim my new hairdo.

I’ll spare you the salon-visit story and jump right into the protective style.

The Structure

I wanted to spend as little time as possible at the salon.  It took about six hours to install (which is less than I usually take) because I had to approve the geometrics of the conrows before she proceeded. I can be very particular with what I want. So I basically have:

  • Feed-in conrows at the front. They’re structured to end in a side-sweep
  • Three-strand braids at the back

I’ve always admitted that I am the proud vice-chair or ‘team forehead’ so I tend to opt for hairstyles that have side-bangs. Here are different angles of the ‘do’:

What I Like about the Hairdo

  • I get to give Bella a break from my fingers…..because my hands are almost always in my hair
  • I spent considerably less time at the salon than if I had opted to three-strand braid my entire head
  • I can easily change it up from an official to a casual look without much of a fuss
  • There are different ways to accessorize
  • I don’t have to run late for everything because I’m trying to get Bella to ‘sit right’ 😀 Additionally, I know where all my bobby pins are (haha! I know some of you can relate)

What I Don’t Like about the Hairdo

  • I miss my curls ;-(
  • I can’t swim or wash my hair the first two weeks to ensure it stays neater for longer. This is always a problem when I’m in any protective style because my scalp is ALWAYS (without failure) itchy after a week
  • Unfortunately, the Nairobi heat makes me feel like my scalp is slow cooking because the flow of air is limited


I think the style is pretty and can work for both professionals and students. It looks way better with long as opposed to short braids. In regards to the installation process, it would definitely help to get a hairstylist who is good at shapes so that you don’t have to micromanage the plaiting process. Finally, when considering the weather, I would definitely not recommend getting this protective style when it’s this hot out here. Perhaps twists or braids would work better in this weather.

I would definitely still have the same hairdo in the near future. I think I should challenge myself to try a DIY next time. Ama what do you think?

Next week we can look into different ways of styling and accessorizing the hairdo, yes? In the meantime, stalk me on social. I like hearing from you guys.

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