5 Ways to Style Long Braids and Conrows

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Kama kawaida, I will jump right into it.

One of the challenges I have faced when it comes to blogging is taking nice photos. While the rest of the world on IG has figured out angles and filters, I’m here trying to get ‘postable’ photos for the blog, that is, at least those that capture all angles of Bella. Here’s to hoping that these ones work nicely for this post. I promise to up my game.

Last week I shared how I finally gave up and went to the salon to get conrows and braids installed. I promised I would cover different ways of styling this particular hairdo before it completely looks mathogothanio (Chinese for unkempt) and I plan to do that today. Without further ado:

  • The Chill Look

This is actually the original idea of the hairdo. Whether you are going for a relaxed hangout, picnic, walk on the beach *dreamy sigh* or event, this is a great look. All you need to do is let your hair do its thing and voila!

I channeled the picnic/ beach, cool (I think) kid for this one…headed to the beach…. 400+ KM away….

  • The Wedding Do

Anytime I’m attending a wedding, I think about two things: the dress and my hair. Either can make or break the look in my opinion. So I tend to try and put in some effort before heading out. The great thing about this look (to me) is its simplicity. Braid that baby and you are good to go!

Heading out for some ‘I Do’s’ with this do 🙂

  • The Office Arrangement

I find that there’s a thin line between official and casual hairstyles in the corporate world. Whenever I have meetings, I tend to lean towards unmistakably official when it comes to my hair. This look definitely works for me. All I have to do is:

  • Hold the braids in a ponytail
  • Split the ponytail into two
  • Twist one half around the base of the ponytail
  • Repeat the same with the other half
  • Tuck and pin the ends in place to ensure my hair stays put all day

The results? Sura ya kazi.

  • The Dressy Evening

Let me just start with a disclaimer. This look was far-fetched in my opinion. I wouldn’t wear it but I know so many of my friends who would jump at the opportunity. Then again, I prefer simplicity which can be translated into hassle-free-everything (hair included). That probably explains my hesitation. In fact, let me know if it is a hit or a miss in the comments.

The benefit of this look is that it is not as heavy as it looks. The braids are surprisingly light. Secondly, you don’t need to wear one earring if they are small 😀 The disadvantage is that you may not hear clearly through one ear on account of all the hair blocking it 😀 😀

  • The Workout Pony

Ponytails remind me of horses 😀  They are a great default if you do not want hair in your face, rubbing on your neck, etcetera. This simple (dare I say disheveled) ponytail is great for those who workout. When held firmly in place the hair doesn’t bother you during rigorous exercise. Personally, I’m too busy reminding myself to breathe before I pass out on the floor. The last thing I need is to deal with hair. That’s the perfect excuse for me to ‘go back to exercising after I undo my braids.’ In all honesty, that is code for “I shall procrastinate until my pants don’t fit anymore.” And nobody wants that.

So because I (try to) exercise in the evening, forgive the natural light…..

So, those are 5 ways you could style this particular hairdo.  There are so many accessories you can use to vamp up the looks apart from the shiny things I have on mine. Let me know which look like a good idea and which you shouldn’t be caught dead in.

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