Broken English

There’s Much to say about Womanhood

Yesterday was International Women’s Day in some time zones. For some, it is today. Either way, Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies!

There is so much to say about women. We have been discriminated against, seen as lesser people, treated as objects and merchandise, abused, stereotyped and limited. This is not news to anybody. We have often fought to change misconceptions and to take a prominent place in society.…

Broken English


I got this 7-year old piece from the archives…..

Shall we compare her to a summer’s day?/

Or noon in spring when flowers should bloom?/

For sure, she is beautiful/

But like a rose bush she grows thorns,/ those that prick and prod/

It’s like a gold ring in a pig’s snout./

Though pleasing to the eye, she is stinging to the ear/

She kills and wounds/ with her words not carefully brewed/

She larks in the dark,/ eager to attack

She hunts and preys on men of God/

Watching as their lives unfold/

She waits for Potiphar to leave so she can have her kill/

She lulls him to sleep then calls the Philistines to shave him clean/

She is a woe man has to deal with/

She’s a disgrace to the descent of Eve.//…