I got this 7-year old piece from the archives…..

Shall we compare her to a summer’s day?/

Or noon in spring when flowers should bloom?/

For sure, she is beautiful/

But like a rose bush she grows thorns,/ those that prick and prod/

It’s like a gold ring in a pig’s snout./

Though pleasing to the eye, she is stinging to the ear/

She kills and wounds/ with her words not carefully brewed/

She larks in the dark,/ eager to attack

She hunts and preys on men of God/

Watching as their lives unfold/

She waits for Potiphar to leave so she can have her kill/

She lulls him to sleep then calls the Philistines to shave him clean/

She is a woe man has to deal with/

She’s a disgrace to the descent of Eve.//

Your dad may have cut you deep with whatever he did/

So you seek security in ‘pesa paps’/

In loaded grandfathers; not your own but others’/ who will buy you that sleek Benz or Vitz./

You feel secure because SAM SUNG you a song with NO KEY-A miss/

Or because unlike Steve HU ran AWEI, Sam will stay/

Or because every night your beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder/

I want to remind you that security is only in the Father/

He calls you daughter and seeks to eternally glue those hopes that have been shattered/

He loves you – you are the apple of His cornea/ so fall into His arms and surrender.//

(Now can we talk about these deceiving, misguided beliefs we uphold though we still hear the truth?

And if sounding like a broken record will eventually tear the blindfolds from our eyes then so be it!)

I am not a stereotype, I am not a statistic/

The answer is not in Tyra or Oprah Winfrey/

Or a host of talk show hosts who always have just the right dose for the ailing ones./

The answer is at Christ’s feet/

Like Mary, there we should sit and glean./

My beauty does not increase as the night grows older and the morning edges closer,/

As my heels go higher and or our dresses grow shorter and necklines plunge deeper/

My beauty is in obeying Christ-/

In seeking an ageless gentle and quiet spirit/

In knowing that purity is not because of lack of opportunity/

But a realization that compromise and conformity/ only spell out spiritual suicide./

It’s in knowing that a conscious decision with grace on my side/

Leads to a head-held-high walk down the aisle to the altar regardless of whether SAMANTHA got the BRIDAL petals right.//

So ladies, let us emulate this woman of Christ in our generation-

Like Ruth, Esther, Mary, Dorcas and Eunice, she is virtuous/

With noble intent she lives- now that is purpose/

Her past does not define her future, only God’s will for her life does./

She is the Mary Magdalene of her century and is not int-Himidated/

She knows God is not just another village elder who will overlook her for her gender/ He will call and equip her for His service any day and date./

She lives as God designed her and not as evolving standards dictate/

She is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold/

The kind of woman who has Adam sold/

The kind that causes him to break into poetry.//

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