There’s Much to say about Womanhood

Yesterday was International Women’s Day in some time zones. For some, it is today. Either way, Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies!

There is so much to say about women. We have been discriminated against, seen as lesser people, treated as objects and merchandise, abused, stereotyped and limited. This is not news to anybody. We have often fought to change misconceptions and to take a prominent place in society. When we have failed to provoke others to change, we have opted to change ourselves: to take our paths unapologetically and hope that the rest of the world will see our renewed mindset and accompanying actions and hopefully catch on. We have doubted our moves when important women in our lives have not supported us. We have felt sidelined and overlooked yet still found the strength and courage to stand out, not to prove a point to anyone but because we know the treasure that lies in us and desire to pour it out as we share our best with the world.

There is much to say about women. We have been loved and protected by those that valued us. We have been pushed to go beyond our self-set limitations by those who believe in us. We have been challenged to see ourselves as beautiful regardless of the color and/ or flawlessness of our skin, the texture or length of our hair, the width of our hips, size of our bust or preference in mode of dressing. Those that recognize how society has shaped our view of all these things into narrow stereotypes have labored to remind us that we are beautiful until some (if not most) of us have broken free of these mental chains and blossomed into accepting, loving and even being grateful for who we are just as we are. We have learnt to love ourselves and that has helped us love others more sincerely. We have learnt to love ourselves and in so doing set an example for others to love us and themselves as we and they are. We have gotten married, borne children and built homes. We have chosen career-paths, opted out of child bearing and still had an impact in our society.

There is much to say about women…..about how we treat others (fellow women and men) and how it is a reflection of who we are. We have an even higher standard as women of faith, those that profess Christ as Lord and live by it. Who we are is more than the liberty that a change in mindset over the years has accorded us. Who we are, is more than what society now ‘allows’ us to be. Who we are, is what the bible calls us to be: beautiful on the inside first before externally adorning ourselves (1st Peter 3:3-4); as wives, submissive to our husbands (Ephesians 5:22-24) and examples to younger women (Titus 2:3-5) so that the Word of God may not reviled. There is so much more that we are called to be. With examples like Ruth, Esther, Tabitha, Mary the mother of Jesus, the woman with the alabaster box, the woman with the issue of blood, the Proverbs 31 woman, Sarah, Mary and Martha and other women in the bible, we don’t have to go about womanhood blind. But above all else, we are called to be like Christ: following in His footsteps, obeying the Word, rooted and grounded in love, being fruitful as branches attached to the vine, growing in the fruit of the spirit and honoring the Father in every single thing.

There is much to say about women, but it would take a lifetime to scratch even the surface. However, the ever constant and always timely reminder, whether on a day to celebrate women or not, is that God loves us. He has a plan for each and every one of us individually. To walk in and submit to this plan that He may fulfill His purpose through us will make life, no matter how easy or tough it gets, worth living. So, happy International Women’s Day to each lovely lady!!

This may have been written a while back, perhaps even with a lot of naivety, but I hope (eons later) that it blesses your heart.

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  1. Blessed my heart💙🖤🖤. Called to absolute greatness found only in Jesus. And again, there is so much to say about the woman, we’ll spend all our lives writing it down🖤🖤🖤

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