Bella’s Day Out – Wakanda Edition

Sunday afternoons are for naps – very long, uninterrupted naps.

You get home from church, head straight to the kitchen to re-heat leftovers, eat slowly as you flip through television channels or pretend to catch up on downloaded TV shows or movies. As you masticate (I had to 😀 ) that last bite, you plop yourself on the couch for some much-needed R&R. Depending on the weather, you take your Maasai shuka or duvet, fluff your pillow, cuddle with your imaginary puppy and head off to la-la land thankful that you don’t have to be half awake because your laundry isn’t on the hanging line. It may be in a pile on your bed (which probably explains why you’re sleeping on the couch) but it definitely isn’t on the hanging line. I’m sure that we have all experienced that mini heart attack when you hear rain, realize that your laundry is still outside and remember that you have nothing to wear to work tomorrow.

Sunday afternoons are for naps unless you’re a disciplined natural and Sunday is your wash day. I remember when Sunday was my wash day. Technically, it still is…sort of…kind of. I honestly don’t remember the last time I did my hair on Sunday, probably because my afternoons have been spent at practice in preparation for a concert. (On that note, if you are in Nairobi, 08th April 2018, Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road, 3-6 p.m. you’re invited for the 200 Voices Concert.) I digress. Today is not about wash day, it’s about Bella’s day out.

About a week ago, I shared that Bella and I had been reunited. Finally the protective style was down and we could go back to being curl buddies. Bella probably had another plan in mind. Seeing that I’m the adult in this relationship, I decided to give her time and even coax her out of her bad mood by finally taking her to Wakanda. She needed to see this magical land and even dare to become whoever she aspired to be. It may have been a rush decision but it was totally worth it. If you can’t take my word, I have evidence:

In preparation for our trip, I decided to channel my inner Mr. T, “I pity the fool”. I:

  1. Divided the hair into five sections, horizontally from ear to ear
  2. Loosely tied each section with a rubber band
  3. Fluffed each section
  4. Combed the edges without using any gel
  5. Shaped the fro because symmetry is important
  6. Threw on a beaded chain I had lying around

I was skeptical about leaving my comfort zone but it was totally worth the risk. It seems all Bella needed was a long overdue trip to stop tripping. 🙂

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