Month: May 2018

Natural Hair: Expectation Vs Reality

How many times do you try out something with this perfect picture in your head and then end up with the blurred version of it?

I’ve been wanting to try out simple, short-lived protective styles this year but haven’t gotten round to it for various reasons. Finally, I decided to kick off the challenge with a flat twist using Afro Kinky hair braids.…

Masks and Rinses Part 1: Henna for Natural Hair

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the first week of having two posts up. I love tutorials as much as the next natural but I prefer to have helpful information that will help me maintain healthy hair practices. These two conflicting needs informed the decision to post twice a week. I think I am excited. To be honest, I am excited and scared: excited because YAY let’s do this and scared because it is definitely a challenge to consistently deliver.…