Natural Hair: Expectation Vs Reality

How many times do you try out something with this perfect picture in your head and then end up with the blurred version of it?

I’ve been wanting to try out simple, short-lived protective styles this year but haven’t gotten round to it for various reasons. Finally, I decided to kick off the challenge with a flat twist using Afro Kinky hair braids.

There I was, confident that two flat twists would be pretty simple. After all, have I not flat twisted dozens of times? What I didn’t realize was that adding in the extensions for the twist to look natural wouldn’t be as easy. I struggled for about two hours before I finally decided to settle for whatever I was getting (a faaaar less than perfect look). Although it didn’t backfire completely, it did disappoint. It was a far cry from what I had imagined it would look like. And no, I didn’t cry…..but I wanted to for sure because my forehead didn’t have a good reason to come out to play. 😀

I wanted to have the flat twists in for two weeks but…..eeeerrrmmm…..issa lie! I only kept them for three days, and I was home for two of those.

I know people rarely show the ‘I tried to slay this hair but I’m not feeling this do AT ALL’ days, but here is my unspoken. 😀

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