Masks and Rinses Part 2: Tea Rinse for Natural Hair

Hello lovelies!

Last week we started a series on natural hair masks and rinses. Today we are moving to part two of the series which is all about tea rinses.

Natural hair breakage can really stress you out. It means that you’re not retaining length and also that your hair is likely to be uneven. It could ultimately it could to some bald patches or extremely thinned out areas. All these are definitely not symptoms of healthy hair. You therefore need to deal with the breakage and get back on the path to healthy hair. But before you can do that, you must get to the root cause of the breakage. Some of the reasons why your hair may be breaking include:

  • Dryness which leads to brittleness

Dryness can be caused by a host of things: you may not be giving your strands the moisture they require; you might not be following healthy practices that allow your hair to retain moisture; you might have dyed/ colored/ bleached your hair. All these can be remedied differently.

  • Excessive manipulation

Some of us always have our hands in our manes. When you constantly manipulate your hair, there are higher chances of it growing weaker and breaking off a lot. If you often use tools such as combs, you are definitely going to experience some breakage.

Detangling is also a part of manipulation. You can check out other disadvantages of overdoing it here.

  • Damaging Hairstyles

Have you ever undone your hair only for half of it to fall off? Tight braids, weaves and crotchet can do that. When extensions are installed too tight, your hair is likely to suffer. It may not come off all at once but it will weaken and start breaking off with time. Secondly, if you keep in extensions to long, your hair eventually starts to get matted. As you undo your hair, you will likely end up with a lot of shedding and breakage.

  • Medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that cause hair breakage. Some medication also has hair breakage as a side effect.

When we talk about breakage, we are not referring to alopecia. Instead, think about the hair that is on your floor after washday, styling or combing. Excessive breakage can be remedied by finding a solution to the causes listed above. Additionally, in line with our series, you can incorporate a tea rinse to curb some of the breakage.

Tea Rinse

There are two major types of tea rinses, that is, the black tea and the green tea rinse. Each of these works well when incorporated into your regimen. The recipe is quite simple:

  1. Boil about a cup of water
  2. Let your tea leaves/ teabag steep for about five to ten minutes
  3. Sieve the tea leaves out or remove your teabag
  4. Let the tea cool down

(After shampooing and rinsing your hair)

  1. Pour the tea all over your hair, focusing on the strands
  2. Let it sit for about 20 minutes then rinse it off
  3. Carry on with the rest of your hair-care routine

You can do the tea rinse once a week until your hair improves and then reduce it to your liking.

One important variation between the green and black tea is the steeping time. For black tea, it is best to let it steep for about five minutes. This tea has a lot of drying properties and it will dry out your hair if you let it sit for a longer period of time. The green tea is gentler on the hair strands and doesn’t dry them out. It is actually the best option. We can look at another rinse combating breakage next week. It involves fenugreek seeds.

I prefer writing about things that I have tried out. In this case, I used the tea rinse a lot in 2016/ 2017 and it actually works. Bella hasn’t had that much breakage in a while so I haven’t had the tea rinse in my latest regimen.

I hope you’ve picked up a thing or two. Let me know in the comments section. Otherwise (very Kenyan expression 😀 ), see you on Friday for another new series. Excited!!!!

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    1. There is a study by The International Journal of Dermatology which concludes that caffeine blocks/ counteracts a hormone called DHT which is the main culprit when it comes to hair shedding and breaking. The tea rinse is a gentle way of applying this information to suit your hair. But it doesn’t mean that you get to run away from healthy hair practices – I’ve listed some main reasons as to why your hair may start to shed excessively. The tea rinse is a bonus.

      I hope I haven’t lost you along the way 🙂

  1. I incorporated tea rinse and do it twice a month and I am another testimony that it seriously works wonders!

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