PS Fest: Jumbo Box Braids

Ola! Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

One of the things I wanted to do with my hair this year was to have it in protective styling more often. Earlier on in February I took the leap and got some conrows and medium-sized box braids installed. I rocked them for four weeks and had to let go. After that, for a month, I seemed to constantly have my hands in my hair for the different styles I’ve posted recently. To be honest, I had so much fun styling my hair differently. The only downside to that is that with constant manipulation, chances are that growth will slow down, length-retention will be a nonexistent concept and my hair might eventually start to thin out in some areas. So I reverted back to my protective styling dreams and tried the backfired flat twist which didn’t even last a week. Last week I decided to get a simple protective style. I wanted something without complications, neat, that would last for at least two weeks and that would take less than three hours to install. With help from the internet, I settled on jumbo box braids.

At first I really wanted the variation that features triangle parting but that was not to be. I needed the parts neat and clean and wasn’t assured how the back of my head would look like so I eventually gave up. The process took just about three hours:

1. Preparing the Braids

I did this the night before. Since the braids would be large, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to prepare 5 packs of the braids. I used the Sistar brand, long braids in number 2/30.

(My apologies, the picture capturing the size of the prepared braids seems to have ‘found legs’)

2. Parting my Hair

This was the most time-consuming part of the process. With these large braids, your parts have to be as neat as possible. I’m not saying mine were perfect; in fact, they aren’t really ‘box’ braids since my parting was aimed at using the 5 packs of hair and NO MORE. 😀

I held my hair using butterfly clips then parted and secured loosely with a tiny rubber band.

I prefer this brand of rubber bands because it’s gentle and the one used on kids.

This was the result when I was done:

3. Installing the Braids

Installing the braids was easier because of the rubber bands. The advantage of this is that I didn’t have a problem gripping the roots. Since I cannot draw diagrams to explain the process, I will just leave this link here for anyone who would like to try it out.

Unfortunately, I did the braiding at night so the light was not kind enough to let me take photos of the finished products. My gold fish memory finally kicked in a week later when someone helped me take these shots of the finished product:

I prefer not to lay my edges because I would like to keep them in the long term. I am still in the process of doing some research so that when I do start laying edges, I don’t have to worry about them thinning out.

What I Like about These Jumbo Box Braids:

  1. They’re light-weight and gentle on my roots
  2. They’re easy to install (Yay to great time management!)
  3. They’re easy to style
  4. I can accessorize however I want
  5. They can easily be styled to suit a casual or an official outfit

What I Don’t Like about These Jumbo Box Braids

  1. The brand I used has been making me super itchy and causing breakouts. I don’t have as much drama with the Darling brand, which is what I usually use for most of my braids

I plan to undo them and get another braid-related protective style next week. After all, is it not a PS Fest? 🙂 🙂

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