Masks and Rinses Part 3: Fenugreek Rinse for Natural Hair Breakage

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So, most people are preoccupied with getting longer hair. I always try to include some helpful information to ensure that the length is achieved through healthy practices. So, in our part three of masks and rinses, we will carry on from where we left off.

Last time we covered the tea rinse which helps to combat breakage and shedding. I didn’t mention that the tea combats breakage because of caffeine which helps to inhibit a hormone, DHT, which is one of the key culprits in natural hair breakage. In line with combating breakage, today I would like to share about the fenugreek spritz or rinse.

How does it work?

There is a lot of science mumbo-jumbo out there that I can neither confirm nor deny since I’m neither a nutritionist nor a medic. Most of the sources I checked agree that Fenugreek has phytoestrogens which mimic estrogen. In this case, incorporating Fenugreek in your regimen will only work if your breakage is caused by hormonal imbalance. There is more information about the role of estrogen in hair growth and loss. It would also make sense then that Fenugreek also helps in hair growth. My advice would be to engage in extensive research if you need to know the science of how Fenugreek works. There are many online resources to learn from.

Preparing the Fenugreek Rinse

Preparing your rinse is simple. There are two main ways:

  • Boiling your seeds
  • Soaking the seeds

Boiling the Seeds

This is straightforward and will take you less than thirty minutes to do:

  • Place about two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in your pan/ pot
  • Add a cup of water
  • Bring the water to a boil and reduce the heat to the lowest setting
  • Let it simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes
  • Turn off the heat and let the water cool
  • Strain to separate the water and the fenugreek seeds
  • Use the water for your rinse

Soaking the Seeds

For this, you need a little more patience:

  • Place about two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a bottle
  • Fill your bottle with water
  • Place the bottle in a warm area where there is sunlight
  • Let the mixture sit for about 24-36 hours
  • Strain to separate the water and the fenugreek seeds
  • Use the water for your rinse

The boiling and soaking helps to hydrate the fenugreek seeds. This allows the seeds to release the mucilage and every other ‘goodness’ so that the rinse is effective. Some people prefer to soak the seeds in less water so that they can blend the mixture and get a hair mask.

Using the Fenugreek Rinse to Combat Hair Shedding and Breakage

After shampooing, treating and/ or conditioning your hair, pour this mixture all over your hair and ensure that every strand is coated. You can also keep some in a bottle in the fridge to use as your spritz within the week. It can act as your leave-in conditioner. You can then seal the moisture with an oil and butter/ cream. Pretty simple, huh?

Benefits of Fenugreek:

Other than combating breakage, fenugreek also provides other hair-related benefits:

  • Encouraging hair growth
  • A great conditioning agent

Disadvantages of Fenugreek:

Using this rinse has a few disadvantages:

  • The seeds smell like maple syrup. If you like the scent, it’s a bonus. Most people don’t like it
  • Because of the scent, if you have an ant problem, avoid the rinse since you will likely find a colony of worker ants in your preparation, application and/ or rinsing area

I have definitely tried this rinse. Unfortunately, I have never been consistent with ayurvedic practices when it comes to my hair…..or skin for that matter. In this case, I have a good reason. I wasn’t able to see any results because I couldn’t use it for a long time. I had an ant problem and waking up to ants on my pillowcase (even after rinsing my hair) was not funny.

I’d appreciate some feedback if you have ever tried the fenugreek rinse or mask on your natural hair. I’ve only covered two rinses that deal with breakage. I’m sure there are more out there. Drop by the comments section and let me know. 🙂


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