PS Fest: Vacation Hairstyle without Extensions

When I set out protective styling as one of my goals this year, I really thought that I’d have a protective style at least once a month for about two weeks. Let’s just say that I’ve tried to do it but July is already here and I haven’t been consistent. It hasn’t been for lack of trying though.

Towards the end of last month I decided to have a mini vacay and took a trip down to the coast. Last year, in my finite wisdom, I ended up vacationing with open hair for two weeks. OPEN HAIR PEOPLE!!! To be fair, I had a flexirod set that was giving me life so I decided to ride it out. I lived to regret that decision because I had to slot in time to do my hair every two days. This time, I decided to honor my Girl Guide motto and be prepared.

I usually have a go-to protective style when I’m not using extensions: flat twists and two-strand twists for bangs. I did this about a day before my trip. I like this protective style because:

  • It takes less time to do compared to two-strand twists
  • I don’t have to use too much of my products for hold or definition
  • It can double up as official and casual
  • It doesn’t require styling or special care in the morning and evening respectively

So, below is day 9 hair after being in an ocean, a pool, a salty-water shower or all of the ‘above’ every single day. Thank God for photographers who somehow make your ratchet-adjacent hair look better than it does in your mind. 😀

When I have this PS, I keep it in for about a week and a few days then undo it into an ‘open’ style for a few more days. Usually I get mad definition like in the photo below and enjoy every single wave and curl.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy that this time because I was constantly in and out of water. By the time I traveled back and undid my hair, I was too focused on getting all the sand out of my hair to care about curls.

As usual, I gave Bella some TLC before getting the PS. I cleansed, deep conditioned, thoroughly detangled and sealed in moisture. I followed through with the same once I undid my hair since I had left it ‘unattended’ for two weeks. I cannot stress how important this is. As you give your hair a break from manipulation, you also need to prepare it to ‘hibernate’ = moisture, moisture-retention and no tangles.

Finally, let me know if you have tried this style, if you plan to do it and your other go-to protective styles for short and long vacations. Feel free to check out the previous posts about protective styling since the series is taking a break. Also, drop by the comments section or direct message me if there is something specific that you would like me to cover on the blog.

Have a lovely weekend and wash day. I shall see you Tuesday! 🙂

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