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You know how Clark Kent and (that bald guy: what’s his name?) Lex Luthor are rivals? Or how The Punisher and The Arrow cannot see eye-to-eye since Oliver turned over a new leaf and stopped killing people? That is the kind of arch nemesis-ry or frenemy-hood that goes on between my nails and my hair. Three-quarters of the time, my hair decides to slice through the corner of one or two of my nails.

“How does hair slice your nails?” You ask.

The thing is this: it doesn’t actually cut through completely. But the strands continuously graze the corners while washing and styling. Eventually, this creates a faulty point where the nail breaks slightly: a recipe for disaster because my hair will get snagged in these little cracks and crevices leading to breakage. This, my friends, is also the beginning of the end because I either have to voluntarily cut that nail or wait for it to actually break. The latter is super painful and can happen at the most unpredictable moments so I just cut it off myself. If one nail breaks, all of them have to go because uneven nails don’t look pretty, do they?

This conundrum has been fueling my desire to get a shampoo brush and a detangling brush. These two would minimize the rivalry between my nails and Bella. It would also make my washday routine faster and/ or simpler. I had planned on getting a shampoo brush from Miniso but they went out of stock and I spent months popping into their different branches to no avail. About three weeks ago I walked into the Super Cosmetics on Koinange Street in Nairobi CBD to get Marini shampoo but didn’t find it. Instead, I stumbled upon a shampoo brush and a detangling brush cozily sitting on the same shelf. I checked my pockets and decided I couldn’t spare any coins because I had run out of shampoo and was guaranteed to use about KShs. 850 on that purchase already. Then as I was about to walk away, I realized that I probably wouldn’t get this chance again. So I took the brushes and decided that tomorrow would worry about itself.

Shampoo Brush


This was about KShs. 495 and I got it in green. Side note: I realized I love the color green a whole lot just recently.

I’ve used this brush twice already and boy am I glad I scooped it up! I had tried to use those old school plastic brushes as a shampoo brush but the plastic snags so much hair. When I started looking for a shampoo brush, I found one made of the same plastic material and decided that I wouldn’t bother wasting my 150 shillings. I knew I’d experience the same snagging and wasn’t here for that. So when I found this silicone brush, I had to try it out.


The brush makes it easier to massage shampoo onto my scalp and to gently scrub out any product buildup. I no longer have to use my finger pads which reduces the contact between my nails and hair. I’ve also noticed that my cleansing routine is now faster since the brush covers a larger surface area than my finger pads.


  • Made out of silicone so hair doesn’t get snagged
  • Flexible: The bristle area takes the shape of my head as I use it so I’m assured that every nook and cranny is covered
  • The bristle area is removable so I can thoroughly clean the handle, underneath and the bristles. this ensures that no dirt is caught in hard-to-clean places
  • The detachable base and handle makes drying fast and easy


  • I couldn’t find it in purple….because purple is bae

Detangling Brush


I got this for KShs. 450 (I think) and in pink. I decided the price would spread out over time if I faithfully used it. In the short run, that seems like alarra money but in the long run, it’ll be worth it.

For detangling, I’ve been using a wide-toothed comb and following up with a Denman brush (which is broken and hanging on to dear life). From mid 2017, I started having a hard time finger detangling because my hair gained volume. What took ten minutes previously now takes about an hour or more. Sometimes, I just don’t have time for that. So when the label promised easier detangling, I jumped on that train.


So far, I have also used this brush two times because I detangle on washday. Has it made my life easier? ABSOLUTELY! I figured out a simple way to use it. I section my hair into five. Afterwards, I push/ drive the brush’s bristles into my hair from the roots, gently and periodically pushing out the tangles to my ends. When I get to the ends, I start from the ends and gently comb out the tangles. It takes minutes and there is no snagging and no painful tugs. I should mention that I also learnt another secret: finger detangling under running water. The tangles literally melt off. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?!! I feel like these Damascus-moments have revolutionized washdays for me.


  • The bristles alternate in size so it reduces snagging and makes detangling easier
  • Its shape makes it easy to handle. I was surprised that it doesn’t slide out of my hands easily
  • It’s tiny enough to use comfortably
  • Doesn’t cause breakage
  • Easy to clean


  • I couldn’t find it in purple either


I really like these two additions to my washday. I just hope that they keep performing a well over time, for the sake of my hair and my nails. I can confidently say that these two brushes have been the Kofi Anan between Bella and the talons. If you need to see to believe, below are my nails (the natural ones that grow from my fingers). I have washed my hair twice now and they are still intact.

With such giant strides, I am now confident that we can achieve world peace. 😀

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