PS Fest: Twists

Hello lovelies! I hope that you’re alive and well.

What is your go-to protective style? For me, flat twists are my default. They’re faster to install than regular twists and I can still leave the house looking fly even though my hair isn’t 100% dry. The other week, I decided to go for conventional twists instead.

I usually twist my hair straight from the shower because I like to do everything all at once. When I delay any of the processes in wash day and styling, I will probably end up not following through until the next wash day. However, I realized that my hair gets weighed down by water straight from the shower and so my styles tend to be less voluminous even after my hair is dry. I therefore decided to stretch my hair and let it dry completely before I twisted.

The Process

This was pretty straightforward. I:

  • Cleansed and conditioned my hair on Monday morning before leaving for work
  • Applied leave in and used my current mixture of oils for sealing in moisture
  • Sleeked my hair down and held it in a low ponytail. I banded the ponytail to stretch the ends
  • Undid the ponytail in the evening even though my hair wasn’t completely dry
  • Sectioned my hair into five and then twisted
  • Added some shiny accessories so it didn’t look too boring then pinned it at the back

The results:

Pros and Cons

The thing I like about twists is that they can:

  • Easily pass for dreadlocks which makes them more acceptable in a corporate setting
  • Be styled in different ways although I prefer to pin them at the back
  • Yield a full week of twist outs thus saving the time it would take to style your hair the next week

I got this twist out a week later although I couldn’t fully enjoy it because I needed to braid my hair.

The thing I don’t like about my twists is that they:

  • Take long to dry
  • Shrink so that the front becomes a bit problematic to style without looking like bongo man

I long for the day that I can have long twists that are full of body/ volume. I’m convinced that only then will I have made it in life. 😀 Till then, please let me know some tips and tricks that have worked for you so I can try incorporating them into my next twisting session, aye?

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