PS Fest: Spring Twists

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been a minute. I hope your week has been great and that you’re looking forward to yet another weekend. Whoop!!

Now, this is one of the best protective styles I have had this year. Spring twists have gained popularity and I jumped on the bandwagon two months ago. I could never get enough of people stopping me to ask, “Is that your hair? What hair is that? How did you achieve those? Where did you get those done?” And of course, I got accustomed to blushing a couple of times a day when people randomly say, “Your hair looks amazing. I like your hair.”

If you have been part of the gang long enough, you know that I do my hair (braids included). At the beginning of the year I got to visit my former salon lady after three years. It seems I’ve been on a roll this year since I also got these done at a salon. I had wanted to do them myself but time wasn’t on my side. I ended up killing two birds with one stone: getting my hair done and reading. I will not rant about my salon experience because I don’t have the energy for that….but just know that it was not funny. In fact, I’m slowly accepting that hairdressers and I might never get along. *sigh*

Moving along, I decided to put a little twist in this post (which I typed a while back but didn’t get to post).

5 Reasons why You Should Get Spring Twists


I have become a spring twist crusader. I think everyone who is looking for a natural-looking protective style should try them because:

  1. They are light

I was shocked at just how light the hair is. Sistar have outdone themselves! I used two packs of the hair and my scalp couldn’t tell. The great thing about this is that there is no tension at the roots which is good for my hairline and spares me unnecessary headaches. The hair was braided about an inch at the root before being twisted so it didn’t get loose (which is common with regular braid-twists)

  1. They aren’t itchy

I didn’t wash the braids before they were installed. Surprisingly, my sensitive scalp hasn’t been itchy and irritated by the synthetic nature of the hair. This is a big deal for me because usually my scalp is on fire. Like other braids, their synthetic nature made my face break out. But that’s only because I like having bangs at the front. Furthermore, my own hair makes my face breakout so you will be fine as long as you keep the hair from your face.

  1. They look natural

These braids can easily pass for your natural hair: the texture, the spring in the twist, the length you choose. For me, this is a huge plus because I like my protective styles as natural-looking as possible. The only downside to this is that I kept wishing my hair had such volume. ;-( I will never look at my twists the same.

  1. They look better as they age
Don’t argue with me; I said they look better as they age. 😀

You know how braids look disheveled after some time? These don’t! They look better and more natural the longer you wear them. Because of the braiding at the roots and the spring in the twist, even your three-week-old-not-so-neat roots are hidden away. The only thing you can never hide….edges! But you can always sleek them down, aye?

  1. They can be worn anywhere

One of the challenges I have encountered with my natural hair is styling for official occasions (including work). The truth is that the standards vary from one industry to another. Corporate culture has shunned natural hair in its kinky, coily, curly state for a long time now. While this might have changed in countries such as the US, the same cannot be said of Kenya. You might get away with a lot if you work in entertainment, the informal sector, companies that are open to changing with the culture or if you work for yourself. For most corporate naturals though, there is a thin line between what is considered ‘presentable’ & ‘acceptable’ and what is informal.

The great thing about spring twists is that they can easily pass for a formal as well as an informal setting regardless of how you style them. Hopefully we’ll get a peek into some different ways to style the spring twists soon.

Pretend picking oranges

With all those pro’s, it’s hard to think of any negative side to this amazing PS. One of the things that most might have noticed is how much it takes to get these twists done. Each pack of braids is KShs. 400 ($4) and you will probably need 2. The cost of installation is also ridiculously high in most salons. But because I like y’all, here is the link for someone who does them well, at a great rate and in the convenience of your home.

I kept my spring twists in for a month before undoing them. I already plan on having them installed again in a month or so. Yes, I like them that much!

Have you gotten spring twists? What was your experience?

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