Kwaheri 2018

Hi guys.

I feel like I owe you the courtesy of saying goodbye (to 2018). Most of you have stuck with me through the year and I’m absolutely grateful for that. It means even more because I haven’t posted regularly throughout the year. So, please clap for yourself; you are the real MVP.


I wanted to do this post as more of a “Things I learned in 2018” but I’ve learnt so much and would end up writing a whole book. So let me not do that. Instead, I’d like to do a summary of what was and what is to come.

Kwaheri 2018

Looking back at 2018

To summarize the year in one word: 2018 was hard. To summarize the one lesson that covers everything: God is good. Most times, we are quick to say God is good only when things have worked out or when things are looking up. But really, God is good ALL the time. That’s one precious thing I re-learnt in 2018.

Karibu 2019

What are my hopes for 2019?

They’re many! There are plans within plans within plans – like those Matryoshka dolls.

Matryoshka dolls

A nice summary about what I hope for in 2019 is growth. To mention a few, I’d like to grow as a person and in blogging. There are a couple of surprises lined up for you in 2019. In fact, I think most of these might just be me surprising myself by stepping waaaaaaay out of comfort zones. So, perhaps you’d like to stick around so we can grow together. 🙂 Aaaand because I am a nice person who doesn’t like to leave people hanging, I’ll give you a hint: we will be migrating soon. Are you we? Am I we? Are we they? We’ll find out who ‘we’ is soon enough. 😀

Parting Shot

I wish every one of you a great 2019. May you go after what you want and grow as a person & in your craft. Hopefully, we can trade stories throughout the year to see how far we’ve gone; not just in hair matters, but as actual people who have dreams, hopes, challenges and victories in all measures.

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