Natural Hair New Year’s Resolutions?

Forget New Year resolutions! I always break them anyway.

Last year I started on a high. I was determined to do better by my hair. In this post, I clearly outlined everything I wanted to do and achieve. In hindsight, my goals were a tad vague. So it wasn’t surprising that I went ahead and threw the guide out the window. However, by some miracle, I ended up doing one or two things right:

  1. Protective Styling

For the better part of the year, I was in protective styling. I started out in January with conrows and braids.

I then moved to these chunky braids.

Finally, I moved to spring twists.

The rest of the year, I was mostly in twists and flat twists. I focused on protective styling because I wanted to manipulate my hair less and give it an opportunity to grow. The downside to this is that my edges suffered.

  1. Heat Damage

After lightly blowdrying my hair on a whim in December 2017, I was pleased that it reverted to its curly state. I also straightened it towards the end of September and even lightly used a flat iron (gasp) and it still reverted.

Although my hair didn’t suffer damage, I exacerbate the situation on my crown section which has always been problematic.

  1. Hair Color

I colored my hair Cherry-wood in February 2017. In 2018, as part of my natural hair resolutions, I held off on coloring my hair in the beginning of the year and let the Cherry-wood grow out for the better part of the year. The color bug finally bit me in September when I went burgundy-red.


Other than these three, I failed miserably at the rest. So, this year I’m going to be realistic about my hair targets. In fact, I’m only really keen on two main things:

  1. A Healthy Regimen

I know you might have heard me sing this song a thousand times but please allow me to revisit it.

The one thing my hair needs is a healthy regimen. Sometimes it’s the mundane – the routines and consistency – that set you up for success. I will keep it as basic as possible to make it easier to follow. I will hopefully share my full regimen in the course of the year.

  1. My Edges

I braided my hair a couple of times in 2018 and this definitely affected my edges. I noticed them thinning out and would like to grow them back, full and healthy.  In line with this, expect a lot of content about growing and maintaining your edges this year.

Finally, as a bonus:

  1. Having Fun

If New Year resolutions could talk, my 2018 hair-related ones would drag me from here to Timbuktu! So instead of setting up rigid rules this year, all I want is to have fun with my hair. I realized that we often get caught up in chasing length, volume or moisture and forget to have fun.

Wakanda forever?

Natural black women’s hair is so versatile and should be celebrated. Sometimes we get caught up boxing what it can or cannot do. So this year, I’ll be keen on keeping it healthy BUT I will also have as much fun as I can. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s just hair and it can always grow back. So here’s to living a little!



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  1. Yes I did and I achieved them. Mine was to be consistent on washday and I probably washed my hair 50 times out of 52 though my job played a huge part in that. I also didn’t go to the salon the whole year! This year my resolution is simply to use Kenyan products.

    1. Giiiirl! You have your entire life together! Teach us your ways sensei.👏👏

      Keep us updated on the Kenyan product front. Planning to review some soon and try out new ones.

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