Oil Pulling for Teeth Whitening

Have you ever thought about getting your teeth a little whiter? I definitely have!

I take a lot of black tea and coffee. One of the effects of that is having my teeth stained or tinted by these drinks. A while back, I thought it would be great to whiten my teeth. Instead of going to a dentist, I decided to try out DIY remedies first. The problem with DIY remedies is that they can go absolutely wrong… and that’s what happened with me. The first and most popular remedy I came across was the baking soda and lemon mix. After my first attempt, one tooth became extra sensitive. This was as a result of the ingredients’ corrosive properties. I pinched myself and vowed never to do it again. I then went back to look for other solutions on the internet and came across oil pulling.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice that involves swishing edible oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes on an empty stomach. Although the practice is ancient, it gained popularity in the US in the 90’s. It has recently become more popular across the globe and has been covered in many blogs and videos.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Many people have positive testimonials and reviews about oil puling. It has many benefits although they are not scientifically proven. In light of this, I would like to share the benefits that I have experienced from oil pulling using coconut oil:

  1. Reduced sensitivity on my (problematic) tooth
  2. Whiter (not dazzling though) teeth
  3. Clearing of phlegm from my throat, especially in the morning
  4. Reduced gum inflammation especially where my wisdom teeth are growing
  5. Peace of mind as there is no chance or eroding my enamel with this method

Some of the benefits I get from oil pulling are specific to coconut oil which is said to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How I Oil Pull

Brush your teeth after oil pulling

The process is straightforward and I do it in the morning. I:

  • Take a tablespoon of Kentaste coconut oil in my mouth
  • Swish it around for 20 minutes
  • Spit it out in the trash (avoid the sink because when the oil accumulates and solidifies it could block it)
  • Swish some warm water in my mouth
  • Brush my teeth as usual

My Tips for Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

First, I do it in the morning immediately after I wake up. The practice is effective when one does it on an empty stomach.

Second, I distract myself. I only oil pull as I shower, pack my bag or iron my clothes. To be honest, the oil tastes nasty and takes a while to get used to. So I need to think about something else instead of focusing on the taste.

Third, I brush my teeth after five or ten minutes. Some people recommend brushing before oil pulling but I simply cannot manage. I can’t imagine having that slippery coconut-oil feeling in my mouth all day. I have to get rid of it.

Fourth, I do it three days in a week. That’s just preference since I think doing it daily would be overkill.


Colgate Smile

Oil pulling has worked for me. I am always especially impressed by how it clears my throat in the morning. It is, however, important to understand that this practice isn’t going to cure dental diseases. You can’t avoid going to the dentist. Additionally, this practice helps to remove dirt and whiten your teeth. To manage your expectations, please don’t expect them to be as dazzling or as bright as those Uhuru Highway screens at the roundabouts.


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