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5 Essential Hacks for Big Flat Twist Hairstyles

Have you come across the flat twist halo crown?

I’m guessing that your answer is yes. On the off chance that you live under a rock or are new to the natural community, then you might not have heard about the flat twist halo. It’s a simple and pretty common hairdo. It works for practically everything – school, the office, events or even for a bride.

The Unusual Dilemma

I used to absolutely hate this hairstyle. It made me feel bald, inadequate, blind delusional and many other things. Why, you may ask? Well, because I don’t like it when my hair lies flat on my head. Big hair frames my face and this halo crown never seemed to. My flat twist game has always been on point but I couldn’t get these two big flat twists to look alive. I watched tutorials, I followed the rules step by step and it always ended the same way – horrible!

The Simple Solution

Eureka! In truth, it wasn’t a eureka moment. I chanced upon the perfect two flat twist (without extensions) style. I had straightened my hair, thought to try doing my 2 big flat twists and it worked. I then slowly worked on getting my big flat twist hairstyles to look fluffy and more crown-like.

I’m not claiming to have “attained the prize” but I have evidence of how far I have come. I’d like to share some of my go-to tips and hacks on how to do large flat twists.

Tip 1: Start on Dry, Stretched and Detangled Hair

This is quite a mouthful. However, each aspect is important.

  • Dry hair will not shrink and leave you with thin flat twists
  • Stretched hair will allow you to get a fluffier and fuller look
  • Detangled hair will prevent or reduce breakage because you might have to comb your hair to get a neater look with fewer rogue curls sticking out

Tip 2: Partition Your Hair Asymmetrically

Don’t knock it before you’ve tried it! An asymmetrical partition gives a more dramatic flat twist crown than its middle-part counterpart. The side part will give your crown a more dramatic rise from one side to the other. Picture a tiara. Do you see how it’s higher in the middle and lower on both sides? I like to get a crown that’s similar (not identical) to that.

Tip 3: Flat Twist Loosely and towards Your Forehead

There are two ways to do any flat twist:

  • Towards your scalp in a backward motion
  • Towards your scalp in a forward motion

That’s not what I’m talking about. This tip is about positioning. To get two big flat twists, position them closer to the edges instead of closer to the middle of your head. From the front or side view, the halo crown looks bigger and more dramatic. In addition to positioning, don’t make the flat twists tight.

Tip 4: Flat Twist Straight

It sounds like we’re contradicting tip 2, right?

Actually, these two work hand in hand. With an asymmetrical shape and flat twisting straight towards the back, you get more volume from your two flat twists without extensions.  This is especially important for the back of the head which can make or break your big flat twist hairstyles.

This hack will make the back look more voluminous once you crisscross your two flat twist lines and pin them in place.

Tip 5: Get Creative with the Back

If you are like me, you don’t like boring endings, right?

One of the things that I find most underwhelming about big flat twists on natural hair is that they have a boring ending. Crisscrossing the two flat twists and pinning them in place doesn’t give me an exciting ending. That’s why I get creative with the back of my head. A couple of common variations I prefer include ending my flat twist about two inches from the nape of my neck. I crisscross the ends and pin them in place then:

  • Roll, tuck and pin the hair I’ve left out
  • Do chunky twists on the hair I’ve left out then band them and pin them in place
  • Add two chunky flat twists at the back then pin them

For all these variations, I try my best to maintain the ‘halo’ shape. I’m sure you have other ideas on what would work for you so get as creative as you want to!

Before and After

You can see how these hacks/ tips have helped transform my flat twist crown standards. If you would like to learn how to do large flat twists through a tutorial, I’ve linked the video below.

2 Big Flat Twist


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