Simple Bun on Natural Hair: 3 Ways Without Gel

Do you like the convenience of having a low bun all day?

I have always envied those who can rock a natural hair bun all day. They look so put together while the rest of us (read me) have runaway curls or stray hairs sticking out in every direction. In as much as I like to see a simple bun on natural hair, I have been weary of three things:

  • My hair loathes gel
  • I don’t have thick hair so my buns look thin and emaciated
  • I prefer to have options when it comes to styling the buns

Instead of sitting by the sidelines and admiring other people’s hair buns, I decided to figure out a way to do them on my own type 4 hair. This is how I came up with these simple low bun hairstyles for medium hair:

1. The Quick Mega Hair Bun

This is the most basic of them all because it doesn’t feature any parting.

Quick Mega Hair Bun

The process is simple:

  • Get your hair into a ponytail at the back
  • Get the ponytail through the donut-shaped bun band
  • Spread your ends out in a donut-shape all over the band
  • Secure the ends at the base of the band with a smaller hair tie
  • Tuck in any peeping ends
  • Clean up any bumpy parts with bobby pins

I figured out how to make a big bun with natural hair even though I don’t have thick hair. This was only possible because I found this huge bun band for about 200 bob ($2).

2.The Simple Hair Bun

Simple Hair Bun

The second of these quick bun styles for natural hair is also pretty simple.

  • Part your hair into two sections: the front and the back
  • Create a low bun with the back section using the steps (in Part 1) above
  • Create two distinct sections using a middle or side part (based on your preference)
  • Start with one section, combing it towards the back in your preferred shape
  • Tuck the section under your low bun and secure it using bobby pins
  • Proceed to the second section and do the same
  • Clean up any bumps using bobby pins

I like this variation because all my hair isn’t lying flat on my head.

3.The Two Flat Twist Bun

If I have an opportunity to make my hair look bigger and still keep it neat, you better believe that I am seizing it! This two flat twist bun allows me to make both my flat twists and my natural hair bun look bigger.

Two Flat Twist Bun

For this:

  • Start with forming your bun using the steps outlined in Part 2 above
  • Part the front part of your hair in two sections
  • Starting with one section, flat twist your hair using the tips shared on this post from last week
  • Once you are done with your flat twis, pin it in place with a bobby pin so it doesn’t unravel
  • Move on to the second section and repeat the process
  • Once your two flat twists are done, stretch the ends over the bun and tuck them at the base
  • Secure each with bobby pins
  • Clean up any bumpy parts with bobby pins

For the step-by-step demonstration of the tutorial, see the video below:

Wrap Up

Whether you are looking for a simple hair bun for office settings or even for school, these are some pretty great options. They are perfect especially if you are looking to avoid gel and hair extensions. Finally, if you are in Nairobi and would like to know how to make your natural hair bun look bigger, swing by Dubois Road in the CBD and grab a bun band.


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0 thoughts on “Simple Bun on Natural Hair: 3 Ways Without Gel”

  1. Those look great! Unfortunately my sparsely populated thin hair strands cannot achieve the neat look without gel 😭😭.

      1. I seriously need a gel tutorial of this. Also, I need your opinion on Eco styler gel. There were some rumors a while back that it has some cancer causing agents.

        1. I see the ‘with gel’ brigade is growing. I’ll sort y’all soon 😊

          As for this EcoStyler business, I only know what guys said, which was conflicting. My opinion though: better safe than sorry. If you can find another gel (and do due diligence before buying) then it would be best.

  2. Great article! The ever so elegant bun is usually my go to style, especially when I’m in a hurry. I will def be trying these looks out in the near future! As far as how I achieve mine, I keep my hair straightened and avoid gel/ edge control like the plague.

  3. I usually straighten mine once a month. If it gets too frizzy, I’ll just slap a wig on or bun it up with a headband to hide my poofy edges lol. The first thing that I do is blow dry my hair on medium with the revlon brush blowdryer thingy (i forgot the actual name lol) and then for like a minute high to get it even straighter (I use crème of nature argan oil heat protectant and biosilk serum to protect my hair from heat.) After that I use the chase method to straighten my hair and I may put a little extra biosilk in it to keep it nice and shiny and it stays that way for quite sometime. ^__^

    1. I like this routine especially if your hair always reverts to curly. This Revlon brush is definitely on my wishlist. It looks like it makes things so much easier. 😭

      1. That brush is amaaazzziinnggg! It def cuts down the time it takes to blowdry my hair and it gets it waaayy smoother and manageable than with a regular blowdryer.

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