PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner Product Review

Have you come across the PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner?

I have been using this deep conditioner for a while now and would like to share my experience. It might come in handy if you would want to buy this product in the near future.

Mega Growth Deep Conditioner Kenya

PROFECTIV officially launched in Kenya about 2 years ago. However, I had interacted with their deep conditioner before that. I finally decided to include a store-bought deep conditioner in my natural hair regimen in 2016 and didn’t have much to spend on it. This meant that renowned brands such as Shea Moisture and Aunt Jackie’s were off the table. I visited my regular shop and asked for a recommendation. The lady suggested the PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner since it was in my budget range and I’ve been using it ever since.

Some of the Mega Growth Deep Conditioner ingredients include:

  • Water
  • Olive oil
  • Shea butter
  • Avocado oil
  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • Coconut oil
PROFECTIV deep strengthening treatment
PROFECTIV deep strengthening treatment

It is sulfate, paraben and alcohol-free which is good news!

Originally labelled ‘deep conditioner’, the product is now labelled ‘deep strengthening treatment’ and referred to as ‘Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner‘ on the Mega Growth site. I think that the evolution in labeling was necessary to communicate that the product has a protein element. Leaving out that information on the label is guaranteed to land any brand in trouble with the natural hair community.

Mega Growth Deep Conditioner on Type 4 Natural Hair

PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep ConditionerPROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner
PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner

Before we get into what I think about this product, just a quick reminder that I have type 4, low to normal, colored natural hair. It’s important to mention this because some products work differently based on the characteristics of your natural hair.

How to Use Mega Growth Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

My process has been pretty simple. Every two to three weeks, I:

  • Clean my scalp and hair using a sulfate-free shampoo
  • Apply the Mega Growth Deep Conditioner all over my strands
  • Wear a shower cap
  • Let the product sit in my hair under a beanie or use a heat bonnet for about 30 minutes
  • Rinse it out

Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Strengthening Deep Conditioner Reviews

There are a number of Mega Growth Deep Conditioner reviews. My personal experience with the product can be broken down into a number of factors:

1. Packaging

I’m a sucker for aesthetics and easy-to-use designs. I loved the original container that looked like a bottle neck. It was easy to stack in my tiny space where I keep all my hair products. The new container is taller so it uses up more space.

When it comes to labeling. I like that the labels don’t fade and chip over time. The labels also come off clean which makes it easier to re-use the container for other DIY hair products. I highly dislike re-using containers with torn labels as it makes my space look unsightly.

2. Consistency

Firstly, the Mega Growth Anti-Breakage Deep Conditioner smells heavenly. I love products that make my hair smell delicious. Do you? 😀

To add on to the nice scent, the deep conditioner/ treatment has great consistency. It isn’t too runny so it doesn’t slide off my strands the warmer it gets. It also isn’t too viscous so it goes on my hair smoothly as long as my strands are damp on application. This ensures that I only use the amount that my hair requires.

3. 2 in 1 Property

Mega Growth Strengthening Deep Conditioner Kenya
Mega Growth Strengthening Deep Conditioner Kenya

Is Mega Growth Deep Conditioner a protein treatment? Is it a moisturizing treatment? These are some of the popular questions surrounding this product. In my opinion, it is a little bit of both. A look at the PROFECTIV Mega Growth deep strengthening conditioner ingredients shows that the product has moisturizing as well as protein properties.

Does Mega Growth Deep Conditioner work? For my hair, absolutely! It leaves my strands moisturized, soft and feeling strong. I can confirm that it moisturizes much more than my regular rinse-out conditioner. However, I wouldn’t use it as my protein conditioner because the protein ingredient isn’t as prominent as the moisturizing one. This, admittedly, isn’t such a palatable opinion for those whose hair is protein-sensitive because they might not have the same luxury. It also opens up the protein-moisture balance debate and the fact that an effective deep conditioner needs to have a protein element or other penetrating element…but that’s not today’s discussion.

4. Definition

Unfortunately, the Mega Growth Deep Conditioner on natural hair doesn’t lead to some crazy curl definition. I’m not too upset about this because I:

  • Can get other products for definition
  • Rarely have a wash and go so curl definition is not of utmost importance

5. Price and Availability

How much is mega growth deep conditioner?

The first time I bought this product was because of its price. It is much cheaper than any effective deep conditioner I’ve tried. The pricing obviously depends on where you get it. In Kenya, Mega growth deep conditioner Jumia prices are obviously a tad different from Super Cosmetics, Best Lady or Dubois Road. It’s the same original quality product but you decide how cheap you want to buy it.

I also love that Mega Growth Deep Conditioner in Kenya is easily available. No one wants to get hooked on a product only to run out and struggle to find it in the market the next time they’re buying.


If you’ve read some of my previous posts, I’m sure you already know that I love this product because it works for my hair. I hope that never changes because I get to save some coins by incorporating it in my regimen. If you would like to read another review of the PROFECTIV Mega Growth Deep Conditioner, you can check this one out.


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