BU.KE Bentonite Clay Product Review

Have you ever heard about BU.KE bentonite clay?

I cannot remember exactly when I started using this clay. It must have been around 2015/ 2016. I had used a different brand of bentonite clay before I switched to BU.KE. Today I would like to share what I like or dislike about this Kenyan brand bentonite clay.

Bentonite Clay in Kenya

I remember innocently typing, “Where to get bentonite clay in Kenya” when I first heard about the clay. The pickings were slim and I ended up at Healthy U where I got a tiny package of dirt. Months later, BU.KE (formerly Shea by Asal) was on my radar. They had bentonite clay too and I was eager yet scared to try it. The long and short of it is that I now only use this brand when it comes to bentonite clay for hair.

I’d like to break down the review into two:

  • Views about the product
  • Benefits to my natural type 4 hair
Bentonite clay for use in natural hair mask
BU.KE Bentonite Clay in Kenya

The Product

A couple of things to note about the BU.KE bentonite clay:


The packaging has changed over the years. The current one is like laminated hard paper.  It comes in green which is one of my favourite colors. Additionally, its shape makes it easy to store since it can fit in tight spaces.

To break the seal once you buy the clay, you tear off the top along a marked line. The packet has a zip-lock-bag-like lock at the top. I absolutely love this because it makes it easy to open and close.

2.Consistency and Mixing

This Kenyan brand clay comes in very fine particles. The best part about this is that it makes it easy to mix. It doesn’t easily form lumps and I always end up with a really smooth mixture which is easy to apply on my hair. When the clay dries, washing it off is also relatively simple.

I appreciate this most because the other brand I used from Healthy U used to clump up. Applying it to my hair was messy, tedious and meant that I had to use more of the product to coat my entire head of hair.


There are different uses for bentonite clay: for hair, skin, teeth and ingested for bentonite clay detox. Not all brands can be ingested or used orally. However, the BU.KE clay is safe to use orally. I have brushed with the clay, used it on my face and on my hair. So far, all is well. I appreciate that they handle the clay well enough so I can reap all the benefits upon purchase.

4.Value for Money?

The Bentonite clay price in Kenya is a bit steep in my opinion. BU.KE is relatively affordable. Currently, 150gm retails at KShs. 395 which would mean that I’d buy 1kg of the same for about KShs. 2,600. The pricing limits my use of the product because I don’t want it to run out fast. For me, this is a very frustrating. However, when I consider the option of shipping in Aztec from Amazon, I find that it will still be more expensive. The only cheaper option would be to have someone bring me a tin when they visit from the States.

BU.KE Bentonite Clay in Kenya Product Review
BU.KE Bentonite Clay Product Review

BU.KE Bentonite Clay Benefits to My Natural Type 4 Hair

Having used a different brand of bentonite clay, my hair definitely knows BU.KE by:

1.Curl Definition

The first time I used this brand, I almost fell off my imaginary chair. I didn’t know I had a curl pattern before that day. This is something that is bound to come in handy when I finally learn how to do a proper wash and go.

2.Soften Hard Natural Hair

So I start off with some crusty dry natural hair, transition into some muddy hard hair and end up with soft bouncy hair after washing off the clay mask. This clay doesn’t change your hair’s natural texture but it definitely makes it easier to style or manipulate.

3.Reduce Frizz

Why is natural hair frizzy? Can’t it just stay frizz free?

I’m one of those people who would pay handsomely to get natural hair frizz control products. The BU.KE bentonite clay saves me from breaking my bank because it provides natural frizz control. I definitely see the difference in the amount of frizz when I use the clay mask during wash day.

4.Periodic Shampoo Substitute

Using Bentonite Clay to Occasionally Substitute for a Sulfate-Free Shampoo Njerie Gitau Product Review
Using BU.KE Bentonite Clay to Periodically Substitute for a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

I like that I can periodically substitute shampoo for the BU.KE clay. My scalp is sensitive and hair easily prone to product build up. Detoxifying using the clay helps to get rid of the build-up without stripping my hair of oils or moisture.

Where to Buy BU.KE Bentonite Clay in Kenya

I would definitely recommend this clay to a fellow natural. I only wish that it was cheaper.

If you would like to know where to buy BU.KE bentonite clay in Kenya, it’s best to visit their profile. They have a comprehensive list of shops that stock their products in various counties.


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