Electrical Hooded Heat Cap for Natural Hair: Product Review

Have you ever thought of getting a heat cap or hair steamer for deep conditioning your natural hair?

I came across heat caps and hair steamers in 2015. Back then, they were all the rage and every YouTuber was reviewing one or the other. I could only find reasonably priced ones on Amazon. However, without proper shipping, you can never be sure that the product will get to you. so I started looking for a local alternative and found a shop on River Road selling them for KShs. 4,500/ $45. I decided that the salesperson was joking and opted to wait it out. Natural Hair Kenya then brought some in with new stock and I copped mine at KShs. 1,000/ 1,500. I cannot quite remember.

This hooded heat cap has become a part of my stash so I thought I’d share what I like and/ or dislike about it based on some features:

1.Plugs into an Outlet

Electrical Plug Hooded Heat Cap Black Review
Electrical Plug Hooded Heat Cap Black

This is very convenient because the cap heats up fast. It also maintains the desired temperature because the cap is always connected to a power source. Compared to the microwave heat cap which gradually grows cold, this is a more effective solution for deep conditioning.

The plug is also inconvenient. The two-pin plug isn’t the standard outlet size in Kenya. I was lucky to have an adapter what I could connect the plug to. It would have been inconvenient if I had to spend money on a plug as that is an extra unexpected cost.

2.Two Heat Settings

The Electrical Heat Cap has Zero to Two Heat Dials
Zero to Two Heat Dials on Electrical Heat Cap

The cap has two heat settings: 1 and 2. 1 is warm but noticeable while 2 is more than warm but not blazing hot. Depending on your hair’s needs, you can play around with the switch dial.

Personally, I start of at 2 so my cap can heat up faster. I then reduce it back to 1 after a few minutes because I feel the heat at 1 is sufficient. If I happen to feel the need to increase it to 2 again, I do just that. My process lasts about thirty minutes (maximum). I switch the dial back to 0 when I have about 7 minutes left. This allows the cap to cool gradually.

3.Black Inner Lining

The electrical hooded heat cap has a black inner lining
Electrical Hooded Heat Cap Zipper Lining

If you are worried about washing your heat cap because of hair products, this is for you. this heat cap has an inner lining. You can wear the bonnet even with hair products since the lining is removable and washable. To wash the lining:

  • Open the zipper all the way round and remove the lining
  • Wash it per usual
  • Let it dry
  • Reattach it once it’s dry

However, you can still avoid all this by using your electrical hooded heat cap with a shower cap or plastic bag.

4.Adjustment Strings

The Electrical Hooded Steam Cap Adjustment Ties for Easy Fit
Electrical Hooded Steam Cap Adjustment Ties

Another great characteristic in this heat bonnet is that it is adjustable. The two strings allow you to tighten or loosen the bonnet base to your preference. It can therefore fit those with longer or more voluminous hair as well as those with shorter thinner hair.


The one thing that disappointed me when I got this cap is the fact that it was advertised as a hair steamer cap. I needed vapor to help my deep conditioners work better. However, I ended up with a heating cap. If you haven’t yet bought it, please note that the cap doesn’t use steam. However, when you wear it in addition to a plastic bag or shower cap, it warms up your head, opening the cuticles and making it easier for the product to penetrate your strands.

It is also great for hot oil treatments.

6. Shortcomings

If you want a hooded dryer to dry your hair, this is not the product for that. If you also want a hair steamer that will help steam your hair directly, this isn’t the product to choose. This electrical hooded heat cap does help with deep conditioning and hot oil treatments if you have low porosity natural hair.

It is also important to be cautious when using this heat cap. If possible, pile your hair in the middle into a ponytail before wearing the hooded heat cap. This will protect your crown area is prone to thinning due to heat damage and over-manipulation.

7. Pricing

Electrical Hooded Steam Heat Cap
Electrical Hooded Steam Heat Cap

You can find the electrical hooded heat cap on Amazon. In Kenya, Kilimall have very good price deals when compared to other sellers. I have seen it available for less than KShs. 1,000/ $10.


The electrical hooded heat cap provides value for money. It’s worth spending KShs. 1,000/ $10 if you would like to get the most out of your products and oils. However, this is mostly beneficial for people with low porosity hair. It can also help to speed up your deep conditioning or hot oil treatment process.

At the same time, however, this electrical hooded heat cap isn’t an absolute necessity. If you can wear a plastic bag/ shower cap then follow up with a headscarf and add a beanie/ ‘marvin’, you can still generate enough heat to make the most out of your product.


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