Two Major Things That Have Upgraded My Curly Hair Moisture Game

Why is my hair so dry and brittle?

That is one of the most common questions on the internet when dealing with natural hair. Sometimes you do your best to follow advice on LOC (liquid-oil-cream) or LCO (liquid-cream-oil) to seal in moisture but still end up with dry hair. I have struggled with this for a while. I looked for how to keep natural hair moisturized all day and all week to no avail. I tried everything suggested short of washing my hair daily. Then, out of trial and error, I incorporated two things in my regimen that changed everything.

1. Moisturizing Rinse-Out Conditioner

What is the best moisturizer for 4c hair? Which is the best hair moisturizer spray?

These are all valid questions. However, I realized that it wasn’t just about the last part of moisturizing my hair. It had to start with my wash day routine. When I tried out Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner, I was shook! In fact, my natural hair friends might be my enemies. After all, how would anyone know about this product and not shout it from the rooftops?

Aussie Cleanse and Mend Moisturizing Conditioner
Aussie Cleanse and Mend Moisturizing Conditioner

This moisturizing conditioner:

  • Left me with super soft and moisturized hair even after rinsing it out
  • Gave me impressive curl definition that made me fall in love with Bella (my hair) all over again

It performed over and above what I expected from a wash-out conditioner. Immediately after I started using this conditioner, I noticed a major change in how my hair felt. I had natural hair moisture and my strands didn’t feel dry, brittle and stiff within the week.

This conditioner is about KShs. 900 at Carrefour. Aussie Mega Moist has not been available for a while but Cleanse and Mend has been a reliable substitute. I’d still pick Mega Moist any day, any time!

2. Creamy Leave-In Conditioner and Shea Butter

After starting on the moisturizing process during your wash day routine, you have to follow it up with some healthy hair practices. This is non-negotiable.

Most of my hair is normal to low porosity. This means that it doesn’t easily absorb water and takes a long while to dry. On the other hand, my ends and a bit of my crown area exhibit high porosity. Finding a balance to ensure that all my hair is moisturized and healthy has been challenging. I researched on how to moisturize and seal natural hair using the LOC, LCO, LCOB methods. I even eliminated coconut oil from my routine because it was drying out my hair but couldn’t get the results I wanted. It was very frustrating.

Thankfully, a few weeks back, I ended up rushing through wash day and stumbled across gold. Once my hair was cleansed and conditioned, I:

  • Used my creamy Crème of Nature Leave in Conditioner
  • Detangled
  • Used Organic Shea Butter to seal the moisture
  • Twisted my hair in large sections
Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner for maximum moisture
Creamy Creme of Nature Leave in Conditioner

To say that my hair felt amazing is an understatement! This was my best moisturizer for 4c, 4b and 4a hair. None of my sections felt neglected. I didn’t have to use a hair steamer, hair moisturizer spray to moisturize my hair. I finally believed that this was a game changer in terms of moisture for curly hair when my friends commented on the same thing days after.

Benefits of the LB Method

I’m calling this the LB (liquid-butter) method because I use leave in conditioner and butter (only) to seal the moisture. Some of the benefits I have observed in the past month are:

  • With this natural hair hack is that I didn’t have to use hair moisturizer spray to re-moisturize my strands within the week. I repeated the exact process a week later and got the same results
  • I get to save my oils for unraveling curly hairstyles since they don’t play a crucial role in sealing my natural hair moisture
  • Saving on my coins because I don’t need to spend heavily on a hair steamer or other expensive gadgets unless I really want to
Tashien Naturals Organic Shea Butter for Sealing Moisture
Tashien Naturals Organic Shea Butter for Sealing Moisture

Best Moisturizer for 4c Hair?

I cannot claim to have found the best moisturizer for any type of hair. My combination type 4 natural hair has been enjoying the rinse-out conditioner and leave in conditioner topped off with organic Shea butter. This has taken my moisture game to a whole new level.

However, if you are trying to figure out the best moisturizer for black hair growth or how to moisturize dry hair, you need to try this LB method for your hair and see if it responds. Keeping hair moisturized is vital for the health of your strands. Try out the different methods before settling on one.

Finally, do we still need to be reminded the importance of a satin bonnet or scarf in moisture retention? I hope not.


3 thoughts on “Two Major Things That Have Upgraded My Curly Hair Moisture Game”

  1. Jasmine Mbale

    Love the article! For me retaining moisture used to be a struggle because my hair porosity is high,so I found myself having to moisturize in the middle of the week but after I started incorporate leave in conditioner into my regimen as well sometimes adding avocado to my store bought hair treatment, that moisture was sealed!

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