12-Week Edges Challenge Update

Do you have full or thinning edges?

Naturally, my edges have never been full and thick. That said, I’ve always had noticeable edges and a defined hairline. In the course of time, I noticed that my edges had started thinning due to certain hair practices. I started #healthyedgeschallenge here on the blog in the hope that I would see significant growth/ improvement. In this post, I’d like to give an update on how that’s going.

How to Grow Back Edges with Castor Oil

I started my growth challenge on January 18th and shared my process here. I wanted to do a 12-week challenge but ended up with a 10-week challenge. For the ten weeks, I faithfully followed the process 3 days a week and these are some of my results:

Thinning Hair Edges Before trying to grow them out
Thinning Edges Before
after using the #healthyedgeschallenge to grow my hair edges results
Growing Hair Edges After #healthyedgeschallenge

You can tell that they’re growing because most of my hairline is now black and the hair dye is growing out.

I have definitely seen a significant improvement over the weeks by using the Jamaican Black Castor and Peppermint Oil mixture. In addition to this, I added some complementary hair practices to preserve my edges. I will share those in the next post (tomorrow). Be sure to check it out!

How to Grow Edges Fast

I never fall for these “Grow back your hairline in two days” headlines. If it took me a long time to lose them, why would I expect to grow them back in a shorter period of time?

Growing back your edges takes time and healthy practices. I started on the #healthyedgeschallenge because I wanted to see how long it would take to see significant growth. As I mentioned, I stopped at week 10. This was purely out of laziness and lack of focus. I’m sure if I find a way to incorporate this process I will continue to see improvement. I mention this because some people follow a solution for one week and then write it off as useless when it actually is not. Put in the work, be patient and take your time. If you still don’t see any results, then you can try out another solution.

Hair Thinness and Edges Thickness

Thick hair and edges are the gold of the natural hair community. It is easy to be sucked up in trying to get massive volume or thick bushy edges even though this isn’t in your genes. If your hair is naturally thin, then no hair hacks will have you grow thick edges.

Before you try different methods to thicken or grow edges, observe them first. Are they naturally thin? Are they getting worse? Have you been straining them with unhealthy practices? This will help you have realistic expectations as you try this or any other #healthyedgeschallenge.


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