Three Things I Have Done to Grow My Edges in the Last 3 Months

Happy Good Friday people!

I have talked about edges on a number of posts, and with good reason. In pursuit of slayed and laid edges, some people have overlooked the health of their hair edges.

You never miss the water until the well runs dry. I saw how true this was when I woke up one day to find my edges thinning. I panicked because I had never thought I would find myself in this situation. I arrested the problem early enough and decided to make some changes. As I promised in yesterday’s post, I am going to share a few practices I incorporated in my edges regimen that have helped in regrowth.

1. JBCO Routine

People have promised that JBCO is the miraculous ingredient to have healthy and thick edges. While JBCO helps with hair growth, it does not work for everybody. However, it did work for me. I have been using my routine thrice a week (with the exception of this month) and have seen remarkable improvement.

I do, however, need to remind us about the role that your genetics play in how thick our edges grow. Please have realistic expectations.

2. Gentle Massage

The other key ingredient in growing back my edges has been a gentle massage twice a week. I use the pads of my fingers to massage my scalp around my hair edges. Using a bit of oil, I lightly massage in circular motion for about five minutes and then tie my satin headscarf.

Scalp massages help to stimulate blood circulation, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth.

If you do decide to incorporate massages, be as gentle as possible. A lot of friction will be detrimental and likely lead to more hair loss around your edges.

3. Parting my Hair

I like side bangs since they help me hide my forehead (lol). Because of this, I realized that I had sparse edges on the left side of my head since I like to part my hair there.

Since I started growing back my natural hair edges, I decided to stop parting my hair in the same place often. Over the three months, I have embraced fuller afros and middle parts more. This has alleviated the repeated stress on that part of my head and encouraged my edges to grow back.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Every journey begins with a single step. You would be amazed at how much the simpler things matter.

I have learnt this by seeing my edges grow back after including very basic tweaks to things I do regularly. The only thing that can be considered ‘major’ is the JBCO routine. Every other thing is pretty regular. So, if you would like to start growing back your edges, start with some basics. Are you braiding too tightly? Are you using too much edge control? Are your fingers always scratching the edges when you are stressed? Before you buy that ’miracle’ product that promises to grow your edges overnight, start by addressing some of these issues. You need not spend money to have healthy hair edges.


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