5 Benefits of Temporary Hair Dye on Natural Hair

Do you often fantasize about coloring your natural hair?

I’m a color enthusiast. I’m usually thinking about the next shade that would make my curls pop more. Unfortunately, permanent hair color is not the best for natural hair health. It requires a chemical process and forces you to pay extra attention to your moisture regimen. For these reasons, it would be best to consider temporary hair color.

Why temporary hair color? Simple! It has a number of benefits which we are going to look at further. But first:

How Can I Temporarily Dye My Hair?

Temporary hair color can be achieved by using temporary hair dye. This comes in a number of options:

Food Color

If you walk along the isles of your supermarket or grocery store, you will come across artificial food coloring. This is used in pastries and other foods such as rice. You can also use this on your natural hair for some color.

From experience, the only thing I don’t like about food coloring is that you end up with a subtle tint and not vibrant color. It does, however, mildly color your hair temporarily.


Henna is an Ayurvedic powder. It can, with the right process, be used to dye your hair.

Natural henna is much safer than the alternative which contains chemicals. The natural henna will only give you a brownish/ earth-red hair color. The good thing is that it also doubles as a strengthening treatment for natural hair.

Hair Chalk

Like tailor’s chalk, there is hair chalk.

Hair chalk can be used as temporary hair color. However, it tends to flake and doesn’t always distribute evenly.

Temporary Hair Color Spray

This option has been around for some time now. Temporary hair dye easy to apply, to distribute evenly over your natural hair and to wash off.

Hair Paint or Hair Wax

Braid out done on type 4 natural hair using Aunt Jackie's Curling Custard and Mofajang Hair Wax
Braid out done on type 4 natural hair using Aunt Jackie’s Curling Custard and Mofajang Hair Wax

I’m currently leaning (heavily) towards this option. Whether it is a wax or gel, hair paint allows you to do more with your natural hair while using fewer hair products. It also lasts much longer.

Before I digress and end up gushing over hair paint, I’ll be doing a Mofajang hair color wax review soon. Be on the look out!

What Is The Best Temporary Hair Dye?

This is a difficult question. I believe that each of these temporary hair color options has its merits and demerits. It would be best to present a case for each then compare and contrast the products. Let me know (in the comments) if this is something you would want me to do as a series and I’ll get right to it.

Benefits of Using Temporary Hair Dye on Your Natural Hair

Now we get into the benefits of temporary hair dye on black hair without bleaching. I focus mainly on nappy, kinky and curly hair because I understand it more. After all, I am a type 4 natural. 🙂

The benefits of temporary hair color include:

1. Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

The primary benefit of temporary hair color is that you get to retain your hair’s health.

Permanent and (to a certain extent) even semi permanent hair color brands tend to alter your natural hair in one way or another. After taking care of your hair, maintaining a healthy regimen and getting it to grow in length & volume, you definitely don’t want to put all that progress in jeopardy. You can only dye your hair so many times in a year without damaging it. This is why temporary hair color comes in handy.

Unlike permanent dyes, washable hair color wax and other temporary coloring options don’t involve any chemical process. These products, upon application, deposit color pigments on top of the hair strands. They coat the hair and aren’t absorbed into the hair.

Is Temporary hair color damaging?

Absolutely not! But wait a minute!

The damaging property of any product is in its ingredients. While temporary hair color sprays, chalks and waxes may not contain ammonia or bleaching agents, they might still have other harmful ingredients. In short, always read the label and scrutinize ingredients before using them on your hair.

2. Add Oomph to Your Natural Hairstyles

I would have wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of my hair in twist outs, with and without color. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve had hair color since 2016 so I don’t have black hair from roots to ends in any of my pictures. This colored one, however, should drive the point home.

Twist out done on stretched type 4 natural hair without using any product
Twist out done on stretched type 4 natural hair without using any product

Hair color makes curls seem to pop more. When you have definition, it looks like something straight out of a hair magazine. Even when it’s frizzy, the color still draws attention to the hair.

3. Easy and Foolproof Application

Permanent hair dye application can be a bit complex. You have to use a booster/ developer, mix the color in certain ratios and keep it in for a specified duration before washing out for your final results. These complex guidelines are necessary to protect your hair from damage. This is the reason why it is advisable to go to a professional colorist if you need to color your natural hair permanently.

With washable hair color wax and other temporary color options, the instructions are pretty straightforward. There are no complex procedures. You can leave the color in as long as you want or until it fades away naturally.

4. Safe for Kids

If you are a parent, aunt or even cousin, you know just how independent kids have gotten over the years. It’s no surprise to hear your six-year-old nephew asking to get blonde tips and highlights. Your “no” is met with resistance or persistence. So what’s the solution?

Hair paint wax on natural hair is a reasonable compromise. It can be used as a temporary hair dye for kids. Mofajang hair wax, particularly, is safe for kids because it contains natural ingredients.

Do Temporary Hair Dyes Wash Out?

Yes! This is why they are suitable for kids. You can wash off the temporary color in a few days or let it fade out. It’s a win-win. Your kid gets to change their hair color for a quick second and you don’t have to deal with a tantrum. Thank me later. 😀

5. Experiment without Commitment

Have you ever imagined having a purple-blazing-burgundy mane in all its glory only to wash off your box dye and end up looking like flaming hot Cheetos or a turmeric-carrot? That’s what permanent color does sometimes…it backfires horribly!

With temporary hair color, you get to try out an array of shades and hues. The great thing about temporary hair color is that you can wash it off right away if you don’t like the results. If you do happen to like it, you can consider making an appointment with your hair colorist.

Braid out done on wet hair using Mofajang hair wax
Braid out done on wet hair using Mofajang hair wax

How Long do Temporary Hair Dyes Last?

Temporary hair dyes last anywhere from a few hours to two weeks. This depends on:

  • The type of temporary hair color brand you use
  • The texture of the product and how easily it coats your natural hair
  • The amount of product you use
  • How often you wash, moisturize or oil your hair once you apply the color

Most temporary hair color brands wash out after one or two rinses. Additionally, most brands rarely stain you clothes or tiles permanently.

Bonus: Frequent Coloring

With permanent hair color, it’s a stretch to use these brands on your hair even twice a year.

How Soon Can I Recolor My Hair?

With washable hair color wax or other temporary hair color, you can recolor your hair as often as you want. Once a month? Once every fortnight? Once a week? The choice is yours!

Parting Shot

I’ve personally enjoyed the benefits of temporary coloring my black natural hair without having to bleach my strands. I’m looking to try out various brands in the future so I can review them and let you know whether they are worth your coins.


You can also check out more of these benefits of temporary hair color.

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  2. I have dyed my hair for years with henna and indigo. Now I want to put a red color temporary wax on my tips and aren’t sure if its safe to do. Any suggestions one way or other?

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