Have you ever considered semi permanent hair color brands?

If you are a subbie over on the YouTube channel, then you must have already seen my first impression of the Mofajang hair color wax. If you haven’t watched the video, here it is:

On the other hand, if you are an avid follower of the blog, then you already have an idea about my hair coloring tendencies. I have been trying not to color my hair using permanent dye too often. Finding hair paint wax was an answered prayer because it allows me to change up my natural hair color without having to commit to the change or damage my hair in the process.

What is Hair Paint Wax?

Mofajang hair wax is a hair product made from natural ingredients. It gives you a temporary hair color change to: green, gold, white, grey, red, purple, blue or silver. In Kenya, you can find it through different vendors such as Jumia and this Instagram shop.

In this post, I’d like to share my purple hair paint wax review.

Mofajang Hair Colour Wax Full Review

I bought the purple hair paint and I’ve now used it a couple of times. I’ll share some of the things I’ve noted after using the hair paint wax:

1. Availability

For a long time the Mofajang hair color wax hasn’t been available in Kenya. I had found it online but the headache and logistics that come with shipping discouraged me. I eventually stumbled on a vendor in Nairobi and got me my purple paint wax. Now, I’ve seen it on a couple of Instagram shops so it’s even more accessible.

The washable hair color wax costs about KShs. 900-1,000 or $10.

2. Packaging

The Mofajang hair color wax comes in a small 120gm tub. It’s an airtight container that’s reinforced with an aluminum-foil-like covering inside. You have to perforate the foil before you can use the wax.

Initially, I thought the tub was pretty small. I have medium density hair and a considerable amount of volume (not too much or too little). Additionally, my hair is medium-long (bra-strap length when straightened). As earlier mentioned, I color my hair at home using permanent dye. During these sessions (once or twice a year), I end up using at least two boxes of the hair dye. To get such a small tub of the hair wax meant that I would only use it for my tips since I would need about three of the tubs to color my head of hair, right?


I didn’t use even a half of the product on the first application. I’ve used the paint wax two more times and I still have some left over for a fourth application.

3. Application

Mofajang hair color wax results on colored type 4 natural hair
Mofajang hair color wax results on colored type 4 natural hair

Applying hair paint wax on natural hair is pretty simple. The product has a custard-like consistency. The best parallel I can draw in terms of the texture and consistency is with petroleum jelly.  I used the hair paint wax on wet and dry hair just to see if there’s much of a difference.

For wet hair:

I didn’t need to use a lot of the hair paint. My hair took to the product. However, it felt like it was ‘sliding’ off my strands when wet. This was only a feeling; not that it actually slid off. It stayed on and dried per usual.

For dry hair:

I realized that the paint wax clung to my hair a bit funny. In fact, I had visions of clumping and lumpy flaking afterwards. So I changed it up and used the hair wax with a mousse. I felt like I used more of the paint wax on dry hair.

For colored hair:

I’m growing out the permanent color on my natural hair. The ends are copper brown. I applied more of the paint wax on my ends than the roots because of this. The color still took although I could see the difference in the color shade. The interesting thing is that I like the color shade on my ends better than at my roots.

How long does it take for hair paint wax to dry?

This entirely depends on:

  1. How much product you used – the more you use, the longer it takes to dry
  2. The porosity of your hair – low porosity hair takes longer to dry
  3. The type of natural hairstyle you’re rocking – there are styles that take longer to dry

For braiding, my hair took about two to three days to dry fully. With the flexirods, it took about 18 hours to dry. The flexirods allow for more of my strands to be exposed so they dry faster as opposed to braids, twists and flat twists. Let’s not even talk about wash n’ go’s!

4. Color Vibrance

Flexi rod set done on natural hair using foaming mousse and Mofajang hair wax
Flexi rod set done on natural hair using foaming mousse and Mofajang hair wax

I was a bit hesitant about how the purple hair paint would look on my black roots and colored ends. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The color was vibrant and visibly purple.

How long does the dyed hair last?

I’d say over a week or even two. It depends on how you natural hair is styled. With the braids (starting on wet hair), I had the temporary hair dye in for over a week. By day 10, it was still pretty vibrant. When I had the flexirods (starting on dry hair), I had the paint wax in for about two weeks or more. I shared a wear test on the same:

5. Flaking

One of the biggest debates in hair paint wax reviews is about flaking.

The truth is that, this product flakes. The first two days are quite colorful for your shirts. In fact, i avoided clothes where the flaking would show. After the first two days, i didn’t experience noticeable flaking.

Mofajang Hair Color Wax Interaction with other Hair Products

Mofajang hair color wax interacts well with other hair products. It worked okay with the following:

  • Cantu Leave In Conditioner
  • Creme of Nature Foaming Mousse
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Curling Custard

However, be wary if you plan on re-moisturizing and sealing moisture (using oil) within the week, forget about it! The hair paint wax comes off and you can visibly see it on your hands.

For me, this means I have to have my moisture game on point before applying the hair wax.  Additionally, if you are thinking of re-doing a braid out or twist out and need oil to reduce frizz during the take-down process, expect colored hands.

6. Does Hair Wax Wash out Easily?

Yes! As shared in the wear test video on my channel, it took less than 7 minutes to wash off the Mofajang hair paint wax. I only used running water in the shower. This was impressive because I understand that some naturals don’t use shampoo every week. Being able to wash off the hair paint without shampoo is a bonus!

Additionally, colored hair wax reviews seem to ignore bathroom tiles. In this hair paint wax review, I’d like to assure you that your bathroom tiles are safe. My white tiles were as white after i washed off the temporary hair color. The wax didn’t stain anything as it washes out so easily (even on clothes).

You can check out the wear test video for more information:


I clearly like the Mofajang hair paint wax. I wish it didn’t flake at all and that it lasted longer….perhaps a month. I also realize that i can’t have my cake and eat it too. So for now, this will have to do!



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