5 Tips on Prepping Natural Hair for Dye

Do you know how to prepare your hair before coloring it?

Sure, natural curls and strands are a great canvas for color. We can all agree on that. we can also agree on the fact that there are enough hporror stories about color-damaged natural hair out here. The key to rocking dazzling color and health curls is in these 5 tips on prepping natural hair for dye.

1. Have a Healthy Natural Hair Regimen

This appears rather obvious, right?

Often, people color their hair and blame the color for damage while their regimen is the problem. For a healthy hair journey, you need to have healthy hair practices. These become even more necessary when you color our hair. The strands are more prone to dryness and breakage. The best way to avoid this is to already have a healthy hair regimen before coloring our hair. You are free to tweak it (for healthier strands) once you’ve permanently dyed it.


2. Do a Protein Treatment

Hair is made up of keratin. You often need periodic protein treatments to maintain strong natural hair. The frequency of these treatments varies depending on your natural hair needs and its sensitivity to protein.

Whether you are dying natural hair black or red, you need to have strong hair. To maintain the integrity of our strands, it is important to do a protein treatment at least a week or two before coloring your hair. This does, however, depend on your strands’ sensitivity to protein.

Dying Natural Hair Tips
Dying Natural Hair Tips

3. Deep Condition and Hot Oil Treatment

Depending on the type of dye you plan to use, you will need to deep condition and do a hot oil treatment beforehand.

For information on the different types of dyes, click here.

If you want to know how to dye natural hair without damage, then this is one of the important tips. Dyeing causes increased hair porosity which leads to drying. Your strands need to be ready for this by having adequate moisture before the coloring process. To have moisturized strands, it is advisable to have a deep conditioning routine every week for about a month prior to coloring your natural hair.

On the week of coloring your hair, you can do a hot oil treatment about two days before the coloring process. These oils will be absorbed into your strands therefore protecting your hair from color damage.

4. Wash Your Hair

One of the most important dying natural hair tips is to wash your hair beforehand.

Some advise to wash it immediately before. The most common view is to wash your hair about 24 hours before coloring it. This will provide a clean base for the color. Ultimately, it helps to ensure that the color ‘takes’ well. 24 hours is a safe window to clean your hair without risking sebum build up or any other dirt on your scalp or strands.

5. Do A Patch Test

Many people are concerned about how to dye African American hair without damaging it. While this is a valid concern, we should also be worried about the effect the permanent dye would have on our health.

Some people are allergic to various things. It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor before dyeing natural hair, especially if you have a medical condition or are pregnant. Additionally, a patch test is a safe way to gauge how your body will react to the permanent dye. If the patch test doesn’t reveal any allergies, discomfort or skin reactions, then you can go ahead and dye your natural hair.

Prepping Natural Hair for Dye
Prepping Natural Hair for Dye

Prepping Natural Hair for Dye

Preparing natural hair for dye is not just a one-day process. It should be considered months before. A lot goes into the process to ensure that you don’t end up damaging your beautiful curls while coloring. This doesn’t only apply to those considering dyeing natural hair at home. You should also consider what to do before dying hair at a salon. Have a consultation with a professional colorist months in advance. Find out what you need to do before making your hair color appointment.

These five dying natural hair tips are foolproof. They are necessary for the health of your hair especially if you are looking into how to dye natural hair without damage.


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