Have you attended any natural hair shows in 2019?

I have been toying around with the idea of attending the IBS show 2019 in New York. If wishes were horses, I totally would have. I haven’t been too keen on the international beauty show schedule or any other hair shows 2019 list. (When I tell y’all I can live like a hermit, I mean it.) As fate would have it, the IBS show 2019 was a long shot, what with being on the other side of the world and all. However, I remembered that we have one of our very own Kenyan hair events by Nurtured Knotts. In the past years, the event has always clashed with other major things going on in my life. This year, however, I purposed to save the date beforehand and attend the event come hell or high water.

So, September 07th 2019, I set out early for Ngong Racecourse all psyched up for Hairitage Chronicles 2019!!!

Hairitage Chronicles 2019 Review

If you’re not new to the blog, you already know that I like a good review.

Since it was my first time at Hairitage Chronicles, I wanted to take in everything the organizers and vendors had to offer. Through it all, I had you guys at the back of my mind:

  • What if you didn’t all make it to the event?
  • What if, like me, you’ve never attended the event but would like to know what to expect in the next one?
  • What if you were there and want to see what others thought of the event?

With this in mind, I’d like to share 5 things that stood out for me:

1. Setup

Straight off the bat, I was pleased with Hairitage Chronicles 6.0 set up. They took the time to consider what would work for different groups of people: adults, children and adults with children. The space was small enough to feel intimate but big enough to feel comfortable/ not squeezed.

The grass at Ngong Racecourse is lush and green so it was a nice spot to throw your Maasai shuka or picnic blanket and feel closer to mother nature…like on the ground :-D. There was another designated sitting area strategically located where you could see everything without being in the way of people walking around. There was some sitting space for kids as well and a bouncing castle.

I thought the set up was well-thought-out, pretty organized and the decor simple and minimalistic.

2. Vendors

There were a couple of vendors: Harvest of Sunshine, Saru, Sanaa City, Blends of Nature, Chao Botanicals, Bu.Ke, Haldha Naturals, Nutty Princess and others.

Harvest of Sunshine Vendors
Harvest of Sunshine Vendors

In all honesty, I didn’t get to interact with them all even after being around for about four hours. Those I interacted with had a lot to offer. They knew their products well and were able to advise on some issues. I managed to capture a few on camera and you can check that out on this informative video:

I loved that there was variety in the type of vendors: natural hair products, skincare, food, clothes, art, etc. The variety helped serve different needs and all at a discount.

3. Discounts

Hairitage Chronicles 6.0, like others, promised some discounts. Vendors were offering 20% discounts on their products. Others, like Chao Botanicals where I got a great deal, had sales on certain products. This, I’m sure, came in handy for many pockets and wallets. If I had my way, however, I’d have asked for up to 50% discounts…but sis is not trying to drive people out of business so 20% was fine.

Blends of Nature vendors had discounts
Blends of Nature vendors had discounts

4. Hair Show

Now, before you take out pitchforks or drag me on Twitter, hear me out.

The hair show, in my opinion, was underwhelming. It comprised of 3 brands/ vendors and stylists showcasing their work. Mofajang, Nutty Princess and Natural Hair Kenya hair models strutted and stunted with their hair do’s. That was okay….but still a far cry from what I had expected.

Hairitage Chronicles Hair Show
Hairitage Chronicles Hair Show

My hope was that there would be different stylists competing and battling it out on the field. I hoped that there would be volunteer models, hot seats, creativity and quick fire rounds to see what our stylists and hair products can do. Clearly, what I had in mind wasn’t what I got so I was a bit disappointed.

I do hope that this can improve in the future. I believe Nurtured Knotts are looking to grow the event, incorporate and execute more ideas and in a larger scale.

5. Coverage

Hairitage Chronicles 6.0 had the cutest bench ever! It served as a photo booth and was accessorized accordingly. There were a number of photographers covering the event too. This especially came in handy if, like me, your phone is a mess and couldn’t take photos. The photos were uploaded on Facebook and Instagram during and after the event.

Cute photo booth bench at Hairitage Chronicles 6.0
Cute photo booth bench at Hairitage Chronicles 6.0

This had to be said because we live in the age where, “if you don’t have pictures, it didn’t happen.”


Hairitage Chronicles 6.0 was a success. It pacified my need to attend the IBS Show 2019. As a first-timer, I enjoyed myself, met a bunch of people and managed to film a vlog even though I left early. If you haven’t check out the vlog, here it is below.

In the meantime…


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