Have you tried the Bu.Ke tea range of products?

About 4 months ago, Bu.Ke launched their tea range of products. This range includes: a shampoo bar, facial cleanser, bentonite clay, a deep repair mask and a leave-in styler & custard. I bought the purple tea shampoo bar and the styling custard and did a ‘First Impression’ video which I will link below. In the video, I also promised to do a detailed review of the products. Today, I’m making good on my word by sharing the Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar review.

Kenyan Hair Products Review

I’m sharing this review after four months of using the purple tea shampoo bar. I really wanted to keep an eye on how my hair and scalp reacted to this product so I could make an informed conclusion. Before we get into it, I’d like you to know that my hair is:

  • Low porosity with a middle patch of medium-high porosity at the crown
  • Type 4. I have a mixture of type 4 texture on my head
  • Medium density. Bella’s volume is somewhere on the middle of the scale
  • Somewhere between shoulder and just-past-bra-strap length

Additionally, I have a really sensitive scalp: itchy, prone to reactions and easily irritated by even the slightest amount of product build up. I share all this because Kenyan hair products or all hair products really, might have different results based on some of these characteristics.

Bu.Ke Purple Tea Shampoo Bar and Leave In Styler and Custard
Bu.Ke Purple Tea Shampoo Bar and Leave In Styler and Custard

With this in mind, I’ll highlight 5 things in this Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar review:

1. Ingredients

According to the packaging, this Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar contains:

  • Water
  • Kenyan Purple Tea Brew
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Aloe Barbadensis
  • Avocado Oil
  • Black Seed Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Shikakai

There are other ingredients but I’ve only included the first few since the product contains more of those. Going by this, the purple tea bar is therefore great for natural hair.

2. Color and Shape

I’m a bit biased when it comes to the packaging. That’s because it comes in purple, which is my favorite color. If you’ve watched the video below, that doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

In addition to the color of the packaging, which is clearly in line with Bu.Ke’s purple tea ingredient, I love the shape of the shampoo bar. The purple tea bar is shaped like a triangle or a pyramid. From continuous use, I noticed how easy it is to handle the bar while washing my hair. My fingers are able to grip around the bar so that it doesn’t slip. Furthermore, the tips make it easier to target the scalp and avoid lathering the rest of my hair. Ideally, shampoos are meant for the scalp and this shampoo bar helps me focus on this.

3. Practicability

How practical is this Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar?

For this, I’d like to highlight 3 areas:


With this product, I thought I would have a hard time getting it to lather. On the contrary, like the original shampoo bar, this purple tea bar lathers easily. For a product that has mostly natural ingredients, this came as a pleasant surprise.

The Bu.Ke Purple Tea Shampoo Bar
The Bu.Ke Purple Tea Shampoo Bar


This Kenyan shampoo bar thoroughly cleans my scalp and hair. It helps get rid of product build up and my scalp feels really clean and fresh after wash day.

Oil Stripping

One of the most surprising things about this purple tea shampoo bar was the fact that my hair didn’t feel stripped the first time I used it despite the fact that I didn’t prepoo. I have, over time, concluded that this might be because of the use of oils such as avocado, black seed and even Shea butter. I like that my hair usually feels clean but not stripped of oils after using the shampoo bar.

4. Shedding

Now, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Bu.Ke claims that their purple tea shampoo bar and other hair products from the tea range will help to reduce breakage and/ or shedding (among other things). To test this claim, I wanted to use the shampoo bar for a few months before submitting my findings.

Benefits of Tea Hair Rinses

Tea water for hair growth is anchored on reduction of shedding and breakage. It is actually focused on length retention. If you have tried out the green tea hair rinse then you might have already experienced the benefits of tea hair rinses. I know I definitely have.

After starting my YouTube Channel earlier on in the year (I’ll link it below), I knew that my hair would experience more manipulation which could lead to breakage and shedding. I planned on sticking to the green tea hair rinse and my hibiscus tea rinse and spritz but I was also on the lookout for affordable Kenyan hair products that would help me manage, reduce or even completely counteract the effects of excessive manipulation. I leaped at the purple tea shampoo bar idea and had a crazy high standard that I was hoping Bu.Ke would meet. So, did they?

Absolutely! In fact, I can’t believe just how much this purple tea shampoo bar has been my saving grace. Despite the continued manipulation, my hair has held up much better than I had thought. I took pictures of the first 10-12 wash days so you could see the progression.

My natural hair shedding and breakage results after using the Bu.Ke Purple Tea shampoo bar for 11 weeks
My natural hair shedding and breakage results after using the Bu.Ke Purple Tea shampoo bar for 11 weeks

Results of Bu.Ke Purple Tea Shampoo Bar: Week 1-11

I usually wash my hair almost every week. For every picture, I had gathered all shed or broken hair from finger-detangling, washing, conditioning, detangling by comb or brush and styling.

From the first two wash days (a week apart), you can already see the reduction in amount of hair shed. You can still spot this trend through to week 11. The trend only changes on week 3, 5 and 8. That’s because I had wash day after 2 weeks of having my hair (and ends) out WITHOUT detangling within that period. That I still didn’t have that much shedding is a miracle I can attribute to the shampoo bar backed by the use of the leave-in styler and custard also from the tea range.

After my own controlled experiment, I can stand by Bu.Ke’s claim that this purple tea shampoo bar will help reduce shedding and breakage.

5. Value for Money

By now, y’all already know that: I’m not a product junkie and I’m always up for an affordable product because sis needs to save her coins.

The Bu.Ke shampoo bar price is KShs. 650 or thereabout (+KShs.100 at most). Now, keep in mind that other major international brands have 350ml sulphate-free shampoos retailing for about KShs. 800… and that’s only if you know the cheap spots. In major outlets, they are well over the KShs. 1,000 mark. They last about 3 months or so. This entirely depends on:

  1. How often you wash your hair
  2. How much product build up you have before washing your hair
  3. How often that blob of shampoo slips and goes down the drain before you can plop it onto your scalp (one of the most annoying things ever)

The Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar clearly eliminates number 3 above. As for how long it lasts, I still have mine 4 months down the line and I have washed my hair every week (except four times when I washed it after 2 weeks). I hope from the picture below you can see that I’m going to use this shampoo bar for another two months or so. In short, I’ll have used approximately KShs. 100 ($1) on shampoo a month. That translates to roughly KShs. 25 ($0.25) ever wash day. if that isn’t value for money, I honestly have no idea what is.

The amount of the Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar I have left contrasted with the initial size of the bar
The amount of the Bu.Ke purple tea shampoo bar I have left after 4 months of use

My Verdict

Bu.Ke, you have done a good thing. I can unashamedly and loudly shout your praises from the rooftops! I love this purple tea shampoo bar and will definitely get another when this one eventually runs out. Keep serving us the tea! 🙂

The only thing I will mention in passing is that I might still need to get a regular (non-sulfate-free) shampoo for periodic use. I’ve had the same experience with other sulfate-free shampoos (Marini, Crème of Nature, etc). Because of its sensitivity, my scalp always needs some extra TLC and sometimes that comes in the form of a clarifying shampoo ever few months.


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