Broken English


I got this 7-year old piece from the archives…..

Shall we compare her to a summer’s day?/

Or noon in spring when flowers should bloom?/

For sure, she is beautiful/

But like a rose bush she grows thorns,/ those that prick and prod/

It’s like a gold ring in a pig’s snout./

Though pleasing to the eye, she is stinging to the ear/

She kills and wounds/ with her words not carefully brewed/

She larks in the dark,/ eager to attack

She hunts and preys on men of God/

Watching as their lives unfold/

She waits for Potiphar to leave so she can have her kill/

She lulls him to sleep then calls the Philistines to shave him clean/

She is a woe man has to deal with/

She’s a disgrace to the descent of Eve.//…

Broken English

Pray Without Ceasing

Allow me to add another goal/ desire or resolution to your list of things to do or change in the New Year: pray without ceasing.

On New Year’s Eve my friends and I were trying to request an Uber. I say trying because there was a whole discussion on the pickup location and the route to be used.  Somehow we ended up discussing how low the fares have gotten (relative to how much you used to pay for a cab about two years ago).

Broken English

Fatherhood (Part One) – Apostle Paul

“They taught me that as long as I had a father in my life I should be satisfied. I believed them. It’s only when I woke up to the realization that his presence does not automatically mean that he is present that I discovered the lump in my throat, the pit in my stomach and the gaping hole in my life.”

Broken English


Do you have one of those friends? The kind who goes on and on about a function or event, gets everyone to attend but does not show up on the material day? I heard people call them flaky friends; not because they have dandruff or eat cornflakes for breakfast. 🙂 (I know. I know. That was really bad but I had to).…

Broken English

For the ladies…..and the gents

By now (if I haven’t managed to give it away), I am female.

This may take an awkward turn, but please bear with me…..…

Broken English


Happy New Year!

At the beginning of the year a recently-acquired friend of mine asked me what I wanted to achieve this year. I had a whole list. I’ve had a whole list for some time now only that I hadn’t written it down. When you write things down you have to face them, you have to commit. When you let people know, you have to do something about it because, in time, they will ask how far you’ve gone; and then what will you have to say?…

Broken English

This thing called mercy…

I will never fully understand some things with my mind. That is a fact that I have come to accept. Some things I only understand with my heart, and even then, my heart may not have the words to express this understanding save it uses action.

There are things I cannot fully dissect and get to the core to find something that does not need further dissection.

Broken English

He who begun this good work….

It’s been a pretty long minute….. so long that it has been two months. *shrieks* But we are back and hopefully more consistent with posting……

Have you ever been at that point where you know what God says in His Word but you forget that it applies to you because you are not feeling it? I want to go about describing just how easy it is to forget and fall into the mundane of life with no expectations, no grand dreams and just the desire to get to the end of the day; everyday.

Broken English


Sometimes you think that you have been broken enough. You wear your scars as badges, medals of Honor that show just how much you have been through pain and just how much you have or are overcoming; what testimonies are made of. But sometimes, you realize that you are not even half-way on the road to breaking, and all you have is a sprained finger or a broken nail.

Broken English

Father’s child

I am my Father’s child/

Whether I am tame or wild/

Whether I am strong or mild/

I am my Father’s child and He goes the extra mile//

He picked me from the sea of billions of faces and said “you”/

No matter how fast or slow your pace is- “you”/

No matter the back and forth, your pacing-“you”/

Regardless of your status, your payslip-“you”/

I choose you for salvation/