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5 Ways to be More Productive

Have you ever taken time to figure out how much you are or aren’t able to do in a month, a week or a day?

For a long time, I had general goals that I wanted to accomplish. I had long term timelines that weren’t broken down into short term deadlines. The problem with this was that I still ended up accomplishing much but not as much as I had the capacity or desire to.…

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We Have Moved!


Guess who moved? We did!

Happy dance

Remember I hinted at migrating in this post?

Welcome to my new home. Welcome! The doors are open so you can walk in at your pace. There’s plenty of room and seats to go around. Grab a chair, couch, futon, beanbag, whatever you are comfortable with. Do you want tea, coffee, water or fresh juice?…

Life Style and Travel

Mara ThatThat

I have to admit it………..

When I added this new segment to the blog, I did not think much about it. In fact, I added ‘Travel Diaries’ as a step of faith. I love traveling and seeing the world and for a long time now it has seemed very farfetched. Let’s just say resources and I have been playing hide and seek and I’ve been on the seeking and not finding end.…