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Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curling Custard – First Impression Product Review

Have you ever used Aunt Jackie’s hair products?

I only recently tried out this brand and I must admit that it wasn’t entirely intentional. I often stick to what works for my hair because changing things up means:

  • Using more money
  • Risking disappointment

However, once in a blue moon, I throw all caution to the wind and trust the saleslady at the end of the hair product aisle.…

Product Haul: 5 Natural Hair Products

Hello lovelies!

January is finally over and I’m sure a number of people are dancing all the way to the bank thanking the heavens that the paycheck finally came through. For some, this is a license to get something nice for your hair. Even the Bellas of this world need to know when njaanworry is over, ama? So perhaps today’s post can steer you to the right conditioners and styling products for your hair.…