Faith over Fear

Do not do it, you are too inexperienced. Don’t do it, you’re too young. Don’t do it, you’re too old. Don’t do it, you’re going to fail.

There are many things in life that tell us not to try or hope. They always have the statistics of how odds are stacked against us. …

I Am Not My Hair

Have you ever felt like different people attach your identity to different things?

I definitely have at one point or the other. The result was that I ended up feeling disjointed – like I wasn’t one person and everyone knew a version of me. The same happened when I was blogging on two different domains. That changed when we moved here and I explained that in this post.…

Looking Back to Move Forward

Are there times you have gone through something so painful that you would prefer to erase it from your memory? I know I have! In fact, I remember how often I used to watch Mexican Telenovelas (or soap operas) and 99% of the time someone had to get partial amnesia. When I thought of remembering some of those painful moments, I’d wonder why I couldn’t wield this Telenovela-magic called selective amnesia.…

Beginner’s Lessons From The Gym

I like to learn from my surroundings and everything that happens. It’s a thing I learnt from my mom. I remember we used to watch Mexican Soap Operas or Nigerian movies and she would later be explaining how a specific scene reminded her about a certain scripture in the bible. I would often sit there thinking,” What? I thought this was just entertainment?”…

Nothing New

After last week’s post, it hit me that there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9&10,  1st Corinthians 10:13)

There I was, sitting at my desk, clucking away at the keyboard, pouring my heart out and letting my mind periodically jump in as I shared part of what made me go on hiatus from the blog for a few months.…


I got this 7-year old piece from the archives…..

Shall we compare her to a summer’s day?/

Or noon in spring when flowers should bloom?/

For sure, she is beautiful/

But like a rose bush she grows thorns,/ those that prick and prod/

It’s like a gold ring in a pig’s snout./

Though pleasing to the eye, she is stinging to the ear/

She kills and wounds/ with her words not carefully brewed/

She larks in the dark,/ eager to attack

She hunts and preys on men of God/

Watching as their lives unfold/

She waits for Potiphar to leave so she can have her kill/

She lulls him to sleep then calls the Philistines to shave him clean/

She is a woe man has to deal with/

She’s a disgrace to the descent of Eve.//…


Do you have one of those friends? The kind who goes on and on about a function or event, gets everyone to attend but does not show up on the material day? I heard people call them flaky friends; not because they have dandruff or eat cornflakes for breakfast. 🙂 (I know. I know. That was really bad but I had to).…


Happy New Year!

At the beginning of the year a recently-acquired friend of mine asked me what I wanted to achieve this year. I had a whole list. I’ve had a whole list for some time now only that I hadn’t written it down. When you write things down you have to face them, you have to commit. When you let people know, you have to do something about it because, in time, they will ask how far you’ve gone; and then what will you have to say?…

This thing called mercy…

I will never fully understand some things with my mind. That is a fact that I have come to accept. Some things I only understand with my heart, and even then, my heart may not have the words to express this understanding save it uses action.

There are things I cannot fully dissect and get to the core to find something that does not need further dissection.