Hair Chronicles

Natural Hair: Expectation Vs Reality

How many times do you try out something with this perfect picture in your head and then end up with the blurred version of it?

I’ve been wanting to try out simple, short-lived protective styles this year but haven’t gotten round to it for various reasons. Finally, I decided to kick off the challenge with a flat twist using Afro Kinky hair braids.…

Bella’s Day Out – Wakanda Edition

Sunday afternoons are for naps – very long, uninterrupted naps.

You get home from church, head straight to the kitchen to re-heat leftovers, eat slowly as you flip through television channels or pretend to catch up on downloaded TV shows or movies. As you masticate (I had to 😀 ) that last bite, you plop yourself on the couch for some much-needed R&R.…

Let Your Hair Down

If you are like me, you have probably heard this a couple of times:

“Let your hair down.”

“Mbona huwachiliangi nywele yako kama so-and-so?”

“Si ublowdry nywele then uwachilie? It must be so long.”

Okay. So, first things first, my hair is not that long. Don’t be reading this imagining some Maria-de-los-Angeles-Mexican-Philippines soap opera here. Wishful thinking is nice lakini my tresses will get growth-anxiety if I place such expectations on them.…

Shall we Begin?

Hello earthlings and welcome to the blog!

In the spirit of not wasting any time, shall we jump into it?

My name is *it does not matter* and I am not a hardworking natural hair person. I am definitely not a guru or an inspiring dedicated girl on a journey to waist-length hair and a mane like Simba’s. Before you brush me off, pun intended, please hair* me out.…