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PS Fest: Spring Twists

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been a minute. I hope your week has been great and that you’re looking forward to yet another weekend. Whoop!!

Now, this is one of the best protective styles I have had this year. Spring twists have gained popularity and I jumped on the bandwagon two months ago. I could never get enough of people stopping me to ask, “Is that your hair?…

PS Fest: Twists

Hello lovelies! I hope that you’re alive and well.

What is your go-to protective style? For me, flat twists are my default. They’re faster to install than regular twists and I can still leave the house looking fly even though my hair isn’t 100% dry. The other week, I decided to go for conventional twists instead.…

PS Fest: Vacation Hairstyle without Extensions

When I set out protective styling as one of my goals this year, I really thought that I’d have a protective style at least once a month for about two weeks. Let’s just say that I’ve tried to do it but July is already here and I haven’t been consistent. It hasn’t been for lack of trying though.

Towards the end of last month I decided to have a mini vacay and took a trip down to the coast.…

PS Fest: 5 Things to do Before Installing Braids

Me: Hi guys, my name is Njeri and I have a confession to make

Gang: Hi Njeri, confess away!

Me: It all started when….

…. I decided that I was going to do a post about how to style jumbo box braids for different occasions. I had already installed mine and expected that they would last for about three weeks. Let’s just say that by the end of the first week I felt like shaving off the extensions from my hair.…

5 Ways to Style Long Braids and Conrows

Hello lovelies! I hope your week has been great and productive.

Kama kawaida, I will jump right into it.

One of the challenges I have faced when it comes to blogging is taking nice photos. While the rest of the world on IG has figured out angles and filters, I’m here trying to get ‘postable’ photos for the blog, that is, at least those that capture all angles of Bella.…

Protective Styles – Conrows & Braids

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a great week and that your manes are flourishing.

My good friends know that the last thing I think about is going to a salon. In fact, the last time I went to a salon for braiding was in the beginning of 2015.  There are a couple of reasons for this. Top of the list is that I will save every shilling I can.…