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Stop Overdoing the Rice Water Rinse!!

Have you been using the rice water rinse?

I ‘discovered’ the rice water rinse in 2016 when it hadn’t yet become a popular trend. I have used the rinse sparingly over time. Of late, every natural hair group I turn to has ten or more individuals advising someone about using this rinse daily or weekly. Now, as one who has enjoyed the benefits of this DIY hair treatment, it might come as a shock to hear me say, “PLEASE STOP OVERDOING THE RICE WATER RINSE ALREADY?!!”…

Masks and Rinses Part 1: Henna for Natural Hair

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to the first week of having two posts up. I love tutorials as much as the next natural but I prefer to have helpful information that will help me maintain healthy hair practices. These two conflicting needs informed the decision to post twice a week. I think I am excited. To be honest, I am excited and scared: excited because YAY let’s do this and scared because it is definitely a challenge to consistently deliver.…